I know, every girl loves Barbie – The luxurious and fashionable doll. =)) As a kid, most of us, wanna be like her. Who wouldn’t want to have those perfect blonde hair and those luxurious clothes she wore? :p
My love for Barbie is my inspiration in this outfit post 🙂 This dress from Glam Fashion reminds me so much of her, my childhood!

It looks so Barbie! I love it. Please agree with me, I’m referring to the dress. Haha! I went on minimal accessories ’cause I don’t feel the need to accessorize much. This dress from Glam Fashion is fashionable itself, and I must say that it looks so luxurious too. 🙂 

This dress is a bit short and I love how the lace details put a balance on this glamorous piece. It looks sexy but classy 🙂 Will you please spell perfection for me? :))

And to complete the look, I pair the dress from Glam Fashion with these beautiful Vivienne Westwood Inspired Jelly Wedge from The Luxirous Shop. It’s definitely the comfiest pair I have! Will tell you more about this wedge on my next post. Watch out for it!
Hope you find an inspiration with this outfit post darlings! 
I know you love the pieces I’m wearing, Go ahead and check out Glam Fashion and The Luxurious Shop for more fashionable finds! =)

I have a confession to make my lovely readers. 🙂 I’ve always wanted to have a pair of gray eyes, but I’m a Filipina (I’m very proud of it) and having gray eyes is just not usual. Never heard of a Pure Filipina having a pair of gray eyes. Haha! I envy those who have a pair of gorgeous gray eyes. Those eyes are just so sexy. *melts* Haha!
Now, I can have those gray eyes. Thanks to Uniqso! They send me a pair of dollyeye contacts in gray. I’m more than happy! :p

The contacts are contained in these two cutie-patootie bottles. The bottles are so cute. I know you’ll agree with me. It’s really so adorable :p

And eyes, I have a perfect eyesight. Thanks to Papa God! :p

And here is how my eyes look like when I’m wearing the contacts sent by Uniqso. My boyfriend says it looks like a cat’s eye. Do you agree with him? Whether you agree or not, I still love the results, I love the color and the diameter of the lenses is just perfect for my eyes :p
If you want to try new things for your eyes, better check Uniqso. They’ve got wide variety of contact lenses’ to choose from 😀
You may also wanna check their Facebook Fanpage here.
That’s all for now lovelies! I’m hoping the you’ll find this review helpful! 🙂

How are you all lovelies? I just wanna share this outfit posts of mine. Hope you’ll like it! =))
I got this Lapel Sleeveless Pleated Chiffon Orange Shirt from Sheinside few weeks ago. Yes, this post has been long overdue but I am so happy that I finally get to take photos of the shirt. 
I took photos on an inappropriate place ( inappropriate background) so I just put them on a collage hoping that it will hide the ugly background. lololol. Not good at editing though, my editing actually ruined the photos 🙁

I tried to look fierce on the first photo but I failed. *obviously* But don’t you love my shirt from Sheinside? The color is enough to turn a head and the collar tip is just so chic. I love it so much! I also love how this shirt can look formal when worn with this Black Bandage Skirt. I know that this shirt can also give a perfect casual look when paired with denim shorts. What do you think? It’s so versatile, right? I must have indeed! :p

And that’s the collar tip I’ve been telling you, it looks so cool! How I wish those collar tips are detachable so I can put them on my other clothes too. I can’t get enough of it. I know you’ll love it too! Get this shirt now on Sheinside for only $31 =) That’s a great deal! 
And one more thing, Sheinside is giving 5% discount to their Facebook Fans so don’t forget to like their page here. They are so generous, aren’t they? 🙂
Visit Sheinside now and start shopping! You might want to consider visiting their site daily on a daily basis. They update their collections everyday! 🙂

Hello lovelies! I recently got this Hollowed Carving Retro Golden Detachable Collar  from Romwe and I must say that this collar is really gorgeous. Not your ordinary detachable collar! =)

There you go.. Don’t you love the the carvings? It’s more than pretty, I must say. Pretty Details + Vintage-y = Perfection! 🙂
One more thing, I got it for only $15.99! Imagine that, these wonderful collar for a very affordable price, that’s what you call a real deal. Thanks so much to Romwe 🙂
They’ve got wide variety of items which mainly focuses on street fashion. Head on Romwe’s site now and prepare your dad’s or mom’s credit card. You’ve got lots of shopping to do! 😀
PS. Check out ROMWE regularly ’cause they add up new items everyday! 🙂

Hello darlings! have you heard about IZZOshop before? It’s the home of cozy caves for your cameras and other things! 🙂 I love how they come up with those fashionable camera bags. If you’re tired with that plain old black camera bag, then you must shop at IZZO. All are so fashionable. No wonder lots of their bags are sold out! No worries, they always come up with new designs 🙂
Btw, Madz send me a bag few weeks ago. It’s so pretty, it’s my new everyday bag actually.

I got a Sasha everyday bag in Powder Blue. I love it so much! I love the color and I also love its size, the usual things I carry with me everyday fits perfectly in this bag 🙂 If you’re a sucker for pastel colors like me, must check out Sasha bags in Pastel colors. However, if you’re not a fan of pastel colors but love this bag, you don’t need to worry ’cause Sasha also come in Bold Colors. 🙂 Perfection! 🙂

I got this little note from Madz of IZZOshop. I don’t know but I find this really cute. I love receiving packages with little sweet notes likes this. So sweet! Btw Madz, I really like the bag you sent me, actually not just like, I’m inlove with the bag! Thank you for sending it to me. Thank you so much! 🙂

There you go lovelies! That’s my new everyday bag from IZZOshop. Visit their site now! They also offer Camera bags, Laptop Bags, Gadget Cases, Camera Straps, Bag Organizers, and everything pretty! 😀
That’s all for now lovelies, hope you find this post helpful 🙂