Who got tired eyes? Most of us who always like to go on Tumblr! :p If you’re having discomfort due to your tired eyes, I suggest the you give Kao Megorhythm Hot Eye Mask from ArtieStyle a try. I have tried using it and it really relieves tiredness.

I love this eye mask! The steam is just right, it’s really perfect to help tired eyes relax. I easily fell asleep everytime I’d use this Kao Megurhythm Steam Hot Eye Mask. That’s how relaxing it is! =)
If you want to give it a try, you can get it at ArtieStyle. I promise you won’t regret buying it ’cause it will really help give rest to your eyes. It’s a product worth trying! =)

Hello lovelies! I have another outfit post to share with you. I have to run lots of errands with my boyfriend that day so I made sure to dress comfortably. Actually, I tried to dress as comfortable as possible! Haha.

A simple Black and White ensemble, too plain? Naah. I think my top’s scalloped collar put a twist on my outfit. What do you think? I really love my Martini Cocktail Party Shirt from Conversation Pieces. It’s so cute!

I consider this Shirt from Conversation Pieces as a staple piece ’cause I can wear this on different events depending on the accessories I’ll wear. 🙂
Here are some tips on how to style this top : Put on your fancy cocktail ring and earrings that bling, cuz you’re gonna host your own black tie event. You dig? Invite all your hip and fab friends to the ultimate martini cocktail party. You’ll look so boss decked out in classic black and white. Wear it with a pair of cigarette pants or pencil skirt, leopard print kitten heels, and of course finish the look with scarlet red lips for one crazy cool ensemble. The scalloped collar and pleated front panel makes for the prettiest and quirkiest take on the manly tuxedo shirt, even Zoey Deschanel would approve!

You have no idea how much I love this shirt’s scalloped collar. I’m starting to love scalloped details. It looks so feminine! Haha.
By the way, visit Conversation Pieces now 🙂 You’ll regret what NOT what you buy, but what you DON’T buy! =)

Every girl wants that fair flawless skin. Girls hate getting pimples and breakouts. It simply ruin a girl’s confidence. Good thing there’s Angel Placenta Whitening Cream which you can buy at Magic Potions

I highly recommend this Placenta Whitening Cream for those who want to have an acne-free, whiter and younger looking skin 🙂 This little 25g jar bottle only cost $15 and can last up to 2 months. That’s a great buy for an effective product 🙂

Angel Placenta Whitening Cream also removes freckles and wrinkles. =) In order to attain maximum results, all you have to do is Apply a very thin layer on a slightly wet face and neck for easy application. I strictly followed the instructions to apply it every night and I actually see great results in 1 week. It’s truly a Magic Potion! 😀
If you want to get an Angel Placenta Whitening Cream, I suggest that you visit Magic Potions’ site. =)

Hello there lovelies! Another outfit post to share with you. I think this outfit is perfect for summer. It’s so comfortable to wear, especially the skirt from Romwe. 🙂 

I am supposed to call this outfit post “Playful” ’cause I really love playing with this Anomalous Hemline Lightweight Skirt (I can’t find the link, I think it’s sold out now) Romwe but I can’t find a decent photo to post when I was still playing with the skirt. So yeah, just called this outfit “Anomalous”. Did I make any sense? I hope so! :p

The skirt is overwhelming already so I decided to pair it with a simple tank top. I think it turned out pretty well. 🙂 This skirt is not just fab, it’s also so comfortable to wear. It’s lightweight and I love how it sways every time I move. It looks so good too when it’s blown by wind, so dramatic! :p

The skirt and tank top alone looks a bit dry so I decided to wear my Silver Black Faceted Sticks Pendant Neckalce from Romwe to spice the outfit a bit. This necklace looks so unique. Who doesn’t love uniqueness? No one! This piece is a must have ’cause it can easily spice up an outfit 🙂 
Do you love my skirt and necklace from Romwe? Shop now!

Want something fashionable and chic wedges this rainy season? Well, this Viviene Westwood Inspired wedges is the perfect pair for you. You can get it at The Luxurious Shop at a very affordable price 🙂

I got mine in nude ’cause I love neutral colors. I can pair it on my clothes effortlessly. It looks really fashionable even though it is made of plastic. This one is really a must have for rainy season! It’s fashionable and can easily be paired with any outfit! 🙂 And also, this is the comfiest pair of wedge I ever had!

At first I thought it would be a pain to walk in these wedges considering the height. But when I wore it, I was surprised that it’s so easy to walk with. It’s lightweight and it makes me feel like I’m just wearing flats. I definitely recommend this wedges to everyone. You gotta love this! <3
You can get those comfy yet so fashionable wedges at The Luxurious Shop. 🙂 get your own now. You won’t regret buying these. 🙂