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I am absolutely loving my Jumpsuit from Coco Fashion. I am really into Jumpsuit because it can make you look fashionable effortlessly 🙂

I really like the fabric used in this jumpsuit, the top is sheer and the shorts are some sort of cotton. It’s really comfortable to wear, it lets me move freely. <3 And the top gives a touch of maturity, don’t you think?

You may have wondered where I got the title of this post, I was playing around with this cute little baby the whole time, hence the title. 😀 I know she needs a haircut, haha! But even with those messy fur, I still find her really cute <3

I told you, the jumpsuit is really comfortable, I can move freely and sit on the grass all I want :p 

I know this is a fashion blog. Haha! I just wanna let you show the bubbly side of me. Being a fashion blogger doesn’t mean that there’s no room for such silly faces, right? 🙂

My bangles set from wholesale-dress. I got it for less than $2 I think? It’s really cheap but the quality isn’t compromised. There’s a lot of fashionable yet really affordable items on wholesale-dress! I’m inlooove with the shoe-section on their shop! Go check them out!

Got my pink wallet from Shy shop! The moment I got this, I transferred the contents of my everyday wallet right away. It has a zippered pocket for coins, it has slots for your cards, and a spacious place for your bills. And I love the fact that it’s pink! So cute!

I decided to wear my Vivienne Westwood inspired jelly wedges from The Luxurious shop. Remember the last time I wore it when I was feeling like a Luxurious doll? 🙂 
Want can you say about this ensemble? Comments are greatly appreciated! 🙂
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I won’t deny the fact that an Iphone is already fashionable itself but dressing it up will make it look much better! Let me call it fashion for Iphone 🙂 Most of us bring our phone whenever we go, it’s like a necessity and dressing it up will make it an accessory. 😀

And here’s my current favorite Iphone cases from the shop called MellaFina. I wanna call this Etsy store Studded cases heaven“! A store with lots of pretty and fashionable cases with a very nice and accommodating seller! 🙂

I have been obsessing on this studded floral case lately. I’m currently using it as my phone case and it gets prettier every time I take a look at it. Who wouldn’t feel in love with this sweet yet edgy case? So unique!

See the antique bronze pyramid studs? It compliments the floral prints perfectly. So vintage-y! And another thing I love about this case is it’s floral prints are matte. It means the prints won’t peel off easily and it feels great on my hands. The matte texture makes me hold my  phone every time. Can’t take it off my hands. Haha!

The second case I got is this Studded Leopard case. RAWR! It’s my first choice actually, it’s looks hot and edgy! I looove it a lot!

This leopard case is made of some sort of leather that’s so soft to touch. You won’t even think that this edgy case has a soft side. Right? Such a surprise that it’s covered with leather 😀

Another look at my leopard case. Sorry for the photo spam. I’m just so inlove with my cases from MellaFina. But can you blame me? Who could even resist the beauty of these cases? They are a must have!
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This is what I wore to a bonding with my boyfriend last week. Please excuse the cute little dog goofing around behind me. 😀 She’s our little baby and we usually bring her with us, just because she’s cute. lol.

My boyfriend insisted that I should look fierce ’cause my outfit screams out to be fierce. I tried my best, but I guess my best wasn’t good enough. (from a song, i didn’t know the title) lol! Yes, I’m forever fail in making fierce faces. Haha!

Oh well, why try hard to be looking fierce when I can smile all I want and show who I really am. 🙂 I am the happiest when I am with him. <3

He asked me to try to look fierce one last time. And obviously, I failed again. Haha! I can’t help my self from smiling ’cause I’m such a Happy Kid!

The most comfortable and stylish top and pants I have so far from Jolie Moi. 🙂

My neon arm candies from GQ by PinkCloset – the house of the prettiest arm candies in town 🙂 So cuute! If only I could keep them. Haha! Do you love these arm candies? Join my giveaway here and get a chance to win them 🙂

And finally, my gorgeous spiked loafers from Romwe! It goes perfectly with my neon arm candies. 🙂 By the way, Romwe is currently having a Big Halloween sale 🙂 You might wanna shop now 🙂

Have you heard about Another Case before? It is a brand specializing in iPhone cases. 🙂 So if you love dressing up your phone too, Another Case is a great place to shop. They offer a lot of stylish designs to choose from and they make customized cases too! 🙂

Do you find those cases pretty? I got them from Another Case 🙂

The first case has my name on it, yay! I know this case would look perfect on casual outfit, like jeans. 🙂

Here’s a closer look. I actually love the font they used, it goes perfectly with the prints. 🙂 Imagine if they use other fonts, I don’t think this case will be as pretty. Right? 

“In every job that must be done, there is an element of fun. You find the fun, and – SNAP – the job is done.” –Mary Poppins

I picked this case because I find the quote really inspirational. 🙂 It motivates me to strive harder and finish the things that needs to be done. As long as you enjoy and love what you’re doing, it will be done in a snap. You won’t feel bored nor feel tired because you’re having fun. 🙂

The third case I got is just plain and simple. It’s because I believe in the saying “Simplicity is Beauty” 🙂

The prints are simple stripes but there’s something in it that catches my eye. I find it really pretty! 🙂
Visit Another Case now to view all of their designs, they also offer iPhone5 cases 🙂 Don’t forget to check their fanpage here, and please hit the like button too! 🙂