Schools has just started and if you are a college student like me, it is important that you invest on some good pair of shoes to help you survive the semester!

Let me tell you something, whenever I feel stressed and down, I go for shoe-shopping! Shopping for shoes doesn’t mean you have to buy lots of shoes at a time. You can buy a pair whenever your feeling down and you’ll instantly feel more happy, plus the excitement you’ll get while planning where to wear your new pair of shoes! 😀
PersunMall Wishlist

I’ve listed a few shoes that I think college gals should invest too, all of them are from PersunMall! I recently stumbled upon that site and feel inlove with it right away!

1. Lace-up Casual Style White Flats – when you are feeling lazy to dress up, you can just thron on a pair of jeans and then let this white lace up flats rock your look!
2. Cryatal Plastic Shining Flats – Summer is over in my country, so we don’t have a choice but to welcome rainy days with a smile. lol. It is important to invest on a quality and fashionable plastic flats this season. You don’t want that expensive pair of suede or leather flats to be soaked in water, do you? 😉
3. Point Toe Rivet Edge Flat Shoes – This pair of flats is definitely a must buy, it can go on well with ants and skirts, plus that rivets lining will surely help you steal the scene!
4. Elegant Style V Topline Faux Fur Linning Flat Shoes – Feel like being unique? Then this pair is for you! It will surely go well with skinny jeans! 😀

I know, “Ruby” doesn’t seem to have any connection with this blog post. But I am actually not referring to a the gem, I’m referring to one of my bestfriends who takes this outfit shots. We’ve been friends since our Nursery days, let’s say we’re about 4 years old then, and we’ve been friends up to know. That’s like 16 years of friendship and that’s something I can be really proud of. 
We quarreled numerous times but it seems like we can’t live without each other, we always end up reconciling. I guess that’s when true friendship shows, when you can’t seem to stay angry at each other. lol.

Enough with my little drama. Hahaha! We built this outfit post around this Blue Green pants which I got from Metro Department Store few days ago. Can I just say that I am more than in love with this pair of pants? I love have vibrant its color is and it fits like a glove! If you’re a pant person like me, you’ll know how hard it is to find a pair of pants that fits on you perfectly.

Since the pants is already as vibrant as it can get, I decided to tone the outfit down a bit by wearing black, white, and gold items. 
You probably have noticed that I’m not much into my hair. I usually just wear them down. But my friend insisted that I should try new things, she then tied my hair into a bun. I don’t know if it suit me or not. What do you think suits me best? 😀 All I know is hair bun feels heavy! Hahaha!

To add class to my outfit, I brought this bag with me which I got from Choies and I wore my YSL inpired ring too which was sent by Rings and Tings few months ago! 😀 

And because I can’t get enough of my Daniel Wellington watch, I decided to wear it too. I think it goes really well with the outfit because of the gold details 😀

And lastly, my Avila Flats from Cole Vintage. I am not really a fan of sandals like these because I have issues with my feet and nails ( i think they are so ugly!) But then again, when I saw these flats I just can’t stop myself from stepping out of my comfort zone, it’s just too pretty not to be worn. Haha! I have developed love for sandals upon buying these and I am now in the state of hoarding. Hahaha!

Hey Lovelies! How was your first day of school? Mine isn’t really first day because I wasn’t enrolled yet. My school won’t allow me to enroll just because I wasn’t able to take OJT 2 this summer. Hey, that isn’t my fault, I was about to enroll it last April but they won’t let me because of my summer classes. I assure them that there isn’t any conflict with the schedule but they won’t listen. My school is starting to annoy me more and more every day! It’s a really stressful Monday so I guess I’ll be having a really stressful week ahead! 🙁
By the way, to lighten up my mood, let me just talk about this Daniel Wellington Watch in Classic Sheffield Lady which I got during my birthday. It was such a classy gift. Thanks so much Daniel Wellington! 😛

We all know that a nice pair of watch makes any outfit more classier or may playful. It depends on what pair of watch you’ll be wearing. I think this Classic Sheffield Lady is the perfect watch to wear when wearing a formal to semi-formal attire! It’s so simple yet so classy!

Though since it is color black, it will be perfect for casual wear too. You know how black looks good on almost anything! But I won’t suggest wearing it during summer cause this isn’t water resistant, so you might want to take extra care of it and make sure it doesn’t get any contact with liquids. Haha!

Classic Sheffield watch is available in Rose gold and Silver. Actually, most of their watches are. It’s pretty obvious that I got one in Rose gold. hahaha! You all know how much I love anything with gold accents, they are such a classic pieces!

You can buy your own pair at Daniel Wellington for only $199. 🙂 It’s already a good buy for $199 considering that its straps are made of genuine leather! 🙂 Btw, they recently release a line, this line looks almost the same as the classics except that its index are Swarovski stones! That line is so classy and you can get a pair from that line for only $149 😉 Definitely a must buy!

I always say that it’s the little details that counts. Well, I honestly think that the engraved WD adds extra elegance to this watch! 😉

That’s all for now, hope you like this post! Let me hear your thoughts. 🙂 Do you find Daniel Wellington Watches as pretty as I do? 😀

This is the second time that I’ll be doing a review for Bellast Jewelries, Have you seen my first review? 

By the way, this time I’ve decided to order this Leopard Necklace and this Bangles full of pearls and diamonds. They contradict style but they are both so classy. 😉

First is this Artificial Pearl Multi-Layered Bracelet 🙂 I have never been a fan of pearls, honestly. But since the Coachella season, pearls have been found almost everywhere. So yes, I gave in to the trend, I have learned to love pearls. I loved it more when this pretty, classy, elegant bracelet arrive in the mail! 

Can you guess how much it is worth? You may guess it is worth lots of dollars because of all the pearls and Australian Crystlat elements embellished in it. But would you believe me when I tell you that you can buy this at Bellast for only $41? You almost save 50% off when you order it from Bellast because it usually retails for $80 on other overpricing Online Shops!

Next is this Leopard Necklace. You have no idea how giggly I am when I saw this on the parcel! RAWWWR! I have always love leopard prints, and now it’s time for some really fierce leopard accessories!

This awesomely fierce necklace retails at $118 on other shops but you can get it from Bellast for only $60 🙂 I guess that’s more than enough reason for you to shop at their site!

If you have seen my first post for Bellast, you have probably seen my Leopard Bracelet. 🙂 And it’s mainly the reason why I am so giggly upon receiving the necklace. I can’t believe I already have both of them! Will probably wear these two on a pair of black bodycon dress, I can imagine it would look fierce! I’m more than excited to wear these two!
I would suggest that you head over Bellast when you want to shop jewelries, not only are their prices really low but they also offer quality items. I assure you that even though they’ve got really low prices, their product’s quality are never compromised. You will always get more than your money’s worth when you shop at Bellast 🙂
One more thing, they’re currently having this Summer Promo, just use the code summer2013” to avail 20% off. 🙂 The promo code is valid only until July 31, 2013 🙂

I’ve got a lot of items to try from Mirenesse to try few weeks ago. And this coming week, I promise to publish as much as I can! Mind you, their items are to die for! You’ll surely love all of them! First on the list is this Mirenesse Glossy Kiss in Angel Kiss.
Its regular price is A$29.95 but you can get it for only A$23.96 when you are a member of their VIP club. I highly suggest that you join in the VIP club because you can really save a whole lot of moolah when you are a member! 

As you can see, its packaging looks like a jumbo crayon. I know it looks classy in black and with all the lace details at the cap but if you have them in all shades, it can be quite confusing. You have to open it one by one to see what shade is inside. lol. Did I make any sense? I hope I did ’cause that’s the only downside I can see in its packaging. 🙂

I got a shade that’s quite orange-y brown. I am actually afraid to use this kind of shade before because I thought it is only made for the elderly. You know, my grandma always wear this kind of shade! Hahaha! But all of this changed when I used this Glossy Kiss from Mirenesse. 😀

This is now one of my favorite lipstick, it is now stashed on my daily make up kit. I am amazed with its great pigmentation! One glide to my lips and I’m good to go. I know I know, lipsticks with great pigmentation means a lipstick that can be drying to the lips but this Glossy Kiss from Mirenesse is definitely an exception! When I first wore it, It lasted all day without the need to retouch and my lips also stayed moisturized the whole day! And mind you, I didn’t wear any lip balms under it. 🙂
The fact that the Glossy Kiss has wide selection of shades to choose from, I know there is something that would suite each girl’s personality. Go visit their site now and buy your own Mirenesses Glossy Kiss.

And here’s my photo wearing my Mirenesse Glossy Kiss in Angel Kiss. It doesn’t make me look old, contrary to the belief that these kinds of shades will make you look older. It actually looks so natural and it compliments my hair color perfectly! I can’t say anything bad about this product. I definitely love it and I’m giving it five stars! Definitely worth every penny. 🙂