Mines View ParkWe head out quite early during our second day of our Baguio 2015 adventure, The Mines View Park was our first stop mainly because we wanted to buy Ube Jam. lol.

We ate breakfast in a restaurant at the vicinity of Mines View Park and that was our view while eating breakfast! <3 I forgot the name of the place but the food they serve is good and relatively cheap. 🙂 View Post

sm baguio
Yay for the first post of 2015! I really had a long break from blogging. Anyhoo, I’m finally back and before I bombard you with product reviews, let me share with you our photos from our recent Baguio Trip 😉
We arrived there super late so we didn’t really get to explore on our first day, we just head out to SM Baguio to have dinner real quick then we head back to the house and took a rest. We we’re really tired already so please forgive our super haggard photos! 😀
Anyways, how’s your 2015 so far? 🙂

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