I’m pretty sure all of us have different circles of friends, the one you had during elementary days whom you used to play chinese garter and touching ball, those you met during high school who shared those puppy love moments with you, and those you met during college days whom you shared the most stress and depression. Hahaha! I know because I have those friends but I’m lucky enough that I have friends who stick with through thick and thin. 
I have been separated with my high school friends for years, we only met atleast three times a year if we’re lucky but that doesn’t even bother us, we miss each other of course but even if we rarely get along these days, we all know that if anyone is in trouble, high school barkadas are just a text away, yes a text away because we are too kuripot for calls! Hahaha!

This dress is perfect for picnics and for night beach parties. It’s fabric is so soft and it’s really comfortable to wear.

Whenever you see skulls that shouts glitz and glamour, what crosses your mind first? I’m pretty sure it’s Alexander McQueen! I admire how this luxury brand has turned a skull which has symbolizes evil turn into a fashionable luxury icon!
I am never a fan of skulls and all, it’s more like goth than luxurious to me but Alexander McQueen changed it all. He’s turned it into something that speaks glamour and luxury. I’ve been eyeing a few Alexander McQueen Items actually and it’s what I’m gonna show you in this post 🙂
1. Alexander McQueen Golden Skull Softy Patent Leather Black Heels – £278.00

You can never go wrong with a black pair of heels, you can wear it on an evening party or pair it with your corporate outfit. But this doesn’t mean you should always stick on the plain old boring black heels. This pair from Alexander McQueen will surely add an edgy feel to an outfit. 😉
2. Alexander McQueen Whipsnake Skull Charm Black Flats – £250.00

A women should always have a spare flats wherever she goes. You can always leave it in your car or stash it in your bag when you’re carrying a big one. It will be very useful in case your feet started to hurt and get tired with those towering heels! 🙂 And black is a good choice when it comes to color ’cause it usually goes well with almost everything. 🙂
3. Alexander McQueen Classic Skull Studded Black & Gold Box Clutch Bag – £1,195.00

Some of you might raise brows with the price of this clutch because it’s quite pricey, I mean really pricey. Haha! But I assure you this clutch is worth every penny for it is embellished with gold studs and it’s signature swarovski crystal skull will surely catch everyone’s attention. It’s like saying “Hey, I know I’m gorgeous! I’m Alexander McQueen” 🙂
4. Alexander McQueen Classic Skull, Silver Studded Flag Black Box Clutch – £620.00

This clutch bag is perfect for girls who doesn’t want to look to girly. I’m pretty sure this one is for rocker babes! It looks fierce! 😉
5. Alexander McQueen Skull Print Pink & Grey Chiffon Silk Scarf – £165.00

Girly meets edgy in this scarf! It’s definitely a must have because the pink color will surely make its way as a perfect cover up for summer! And also, it’s gonna add a playful vibe to the gloomy winter. What do you think? 🙂

I must admit that I’ve been distracted lately. So that explains that lack of posts. i am really really sorry and I promise to post more the coming week 🙂 I’ll really try my best to get back on track!
I am pretty much confused with everything so I decided to take a break and keep myself busy by baking and by watching Grey’s Anatomy. I’m on season now, actually. Hahaha! But I know I can’t just neglect my blog, so I promise no more baking for me this week. It also seems that my sister got tired eating my cupcakes and cookies. Haha!

I know the pink lipstick doesn’t suit me at all. It’s probably the reason why these photos sit on my drafts for more than a week. Can you just please ignore my face and focus on my outfit? Haha! Though I hate my lipstick and my awkward smiles in these photos, I love my outfit. It makes me look like I have long legs. Don’t you think?

And my Heart Printed shorts goes really well with my Jardine shoes from World Balance. 🙂 I think they’re meant to be together in one outfit. 😀

I decided to put on skull bracelets and a cross ring to add some sort of edgy feel in this outfit. Though I don’t think I succeed in adding an edgy vibe because my skull bracelets are just too colorful. Haha!

Don’t you just love my Jardine from World Balance? It’s so girly and classy and the floral prints are love. Floral prints will always have a soft spot in my heart. 😀

I must say that my Jardine Shoes is where fashion meets comfort. Nothing can beat heels but it’s good to give your feet time to rest and opt to rubber shoes once in a while. I can’t say anything more, I just love it, it’s really comfortable to wear, it fits my like a glove and I love the way that it is made and designed. Two thumbs up to World Balance PH! 🙂

How often do you say Thank You to your friends, your parents, to your partners in life, to God? How often? Do you thank them everyday for the love and the efforts that they keep on doing for you? I think they deserve to hear a Thank You from you every once in a while. If you can’t find a reason to thank them, you can at least tank them for being there and for not letting you face the daily challenges of life alone. 🙂

And there’s someone who deserves to hear Thank You from us everyday. Do you thank God for the gift of another day every morning? Do you thank Him for all the blessing He’s given you? Do you thank Him before you go to sleep for the wonderful day He let you enjoy?

Moving on to my outfit post, I have never tried an all white outfit before. The main reason is that I’m afraid it’ll get dirty and I’ll look so untidy. But when this jumpsuit from Sheindside arrived in the mail, I know I have to get out of my comfort zone and wear this piece. It’s just so classy!

And yes, I opted out with gold accessories again. 🙂 It’s just that when I’m in doubt, I always go for gold. It is effortlessly classy.

I got this layered gold necklace from SM Accessories a few months. A perfect match to my jumpsuit!
Noticed anything new? I’m finally experimenting with my hair! I’ve always worn my hair down but my friend who loves playing with my hair insists that I go for different hairstyles every time. She did a waterfall braid this time and I guess it really suits my outfit. I know I really need to fix my horrible roots. Hahaha! This is an obligatory photo, somewhat a way of bragging that I have a friend blessed with skillful hands! 😀

Borrowed this gold bangle from my friend. It’s so pretty and classy and elegant and all. Haha!

And to add a pop of color on my outfit, I decided to wear my wedge from Mario D’ Boro 🙂 I got this a few months back but I don’t know where to pair it before. But when I got the jumpsuit from Sheinside, I knew this is the perfect time to take out these babies out for a spin! It’s like they’re made for each other, it’s worth the wait, I guess? 🙂

I know, “Ruby” doesn’t seem to have any connection with this blog post. But I am actually not referring to a the gem, I’m referring to one of my bestfriends who takes this outfit shots. We’ve been friends since our Nursery days, let’s say we’re about 4 years old then, and we’ve been friends up to know. That’s like 16 years of friendship and that’s something I can be really proud of. 
We quarreled numerous times but it seems like we can’t live without each other, we always end up reconciling. I guess that’s when true friendship shows, when you can’t seem to stay angry at each other. lol.

Enough with my little drama. Hahaha! We built this outfit post around this Blue Green pants which I got from Metro Department Store few days ago. Can I just say that I am more than in love with this pair of pants? I love have vibrant its color is and it fits like a glove! If you’re a pant person like me, you’ll know how hard it is to find a pair of pants that fits on you perfectly.

Since the pants is already as vibrant as it can get, I decided to tone the outfit down a bit by wearing black, white, and gold items. 
You probably have noticed that I’m not much into my hair. I usually just wear them down. But my friend insisted that I should try new things, she then tied my hair into a bun. I don’t know if it suit me or not. What do you think suits me best? 😀 All I know is hair bun feels heavy! Hahaha!

To add class to my outfit, I brought this bag with me which I got from Choies and I wore my YSL inpired ring too which was sent by Rings and Tings few months ago! 😀 

And because I can’t get enough of my Daniel Wellington watch, I decided to wear it too. I think it goes really well with the outfit because of the gold details 😀

And lastly, my Avila Flats from Cole Vintage. I am not really a fan of sandals like these because I have issues with my feet and nails ( i think they are so ugly!) But then again, when I saw these flats I just can’t stop myself from stepping out of my comfort zone, it’s just too pretty not to be worn. Haha! I have developed love for sandals upon buying these and I am now in the state of hoarding. Hahaha!