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Choosing an engagement ring is one of those challenges that every man must face, and it is oh so easy to get it completely wrong. Every woman has her own definitive style and if the ring is not in line with her preferred look, the ring will lose some of its sparkle in her eyes. There are, however, certain styles that suit every personality, and if you would like to select a ring that really melts her heart, here are a few ideas to give you some inspiration. View Post

It really is never too early to start shopping for your prom dress. Have you thought about a dress yet? And, have you considered a glam short dress? If not, we’ve got some great reasons to consider an above-the knee number for your prom. View Post

kurti design
There are as many designs that one can choose from when shopping for kurtis. These are as varied as the number of people that go for various designs of this authentic dress. It therefore can surmount to something of a maze for a person desiring to buy the right design of the dress. View Post

soufeel jewelry review

Can’t believe it’s October already! It feels like it was just January yesterday. Time flew by way too fast! Anyways, since Christmas is fast approaching, I am almost certain that you guys are already doing your Christmas shopping little by little. If you’re still not certain what to give to your mom this Christmas, why not give her a personalized Soufeel Jewelry charm? In my opinion, nothing beats personalized gifts! 🙂 View Post

Angelie Pangilinan Outfit Post

Hey! I got a throwback post for you! View Post