life lately

There’s been a lot of negative things happening around the globe, killing and shootings here and there… Because of these events, most people seem to look at every aspect of their life negatively. I myself is guilty about having a negative perspective most of the time and it has affected my life greatly, when I look at things in a negative light, I tend to be more worried, anxious, stressed, and sad. View Post

life lately with my siberian husky


So yeah, as you may have noticed I kinda went on a sudden hiatus again on this blog and even on Instagram. Now that I’m back, I just find it fitting that I update you with what’s happening on my life lately before we jump right out into beauty articles and food features. 🙂 View Post

I’d say I’m off to a tough start this year, at first I thought January will be full of happiness, travels and a lot more blog post. You may have noticed that I’m very active within the first two weeks and then suddenly went to a mini hiatus.

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2014 Belle De Jour Power Planner
I’ve started using a Belle De Jour planner last year and I am so impressed with the 2013 planner. It’s a planner that will surely help every woman get more organized from the most important thing to do down to the little things. I thought the Belle de Jour 2013 planner is perfect already and can’t get any better but the 2014 planner proved me wrong! 🙂

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