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Fingerprints are our individual identity markers. They’re the physical attributes we take for granted, too. But, they have deeper meaning, especially when it comes to love.

We usually hold hands with the person we love. It creates an intimate bond. It encourages intimacy and romance. When we hold hands, we leave our fingerprints behind. View Post

The Cafe - Hyatt City of Dreams ManilaI forgot to take a photo of the entrance of The Cafe – Hyatt City of Dreams Manila when we dined there so that explains why I have a photo of bread for an opening and featured image. Haha. Sorry! Anyway, if you have read my engagement post, you probably already know that Earvin and I had a simple lunch date at Hyatt for our anniversary. 🙂

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Before I write anything, I just want to leave a little disclaimer. I am writing this article for me, so that I’ll have something to look back on. The main reason why I started blogging seven years ago is so that I can write about my life and look back someday. I don’t know why I stopped writing about my life, really. I guess I’ve lost my way. From now on, I’ll start writing for myself again.

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couple does bean boozled challenge

I’m not sure if you guys know already but Earvin and I did the Bean Boozled challenge a month ago. Yes, we are one of those adults who decided to have a bit of fun and joined the Bean Boozled bandwagon. Earvin is a very picky eater and I’m actually quite surprised that he agreed to do this challenge with me. View Post