Hey girls! I know you hate those stubborn underarm hair that looks gross and manly. It’s such a major turn off, right? My boyfriend & my other guy friends say that it looks gross and that they will never go for a girl with underarm hair even if that girl is so pretty. Haha!
Now, how to get rid of those underarm hair that turn off most guys? Strip it!

Strip It is a hair removal cold wax. It is safe to use on all parts of the body like face , legs, underarms, bikini line or even Brazilian waxing. 🙂 It is also contains natural ingredients so you don’t have to worry about having allergic reactions 🙂
This sugaring wax smells sooo good unlike other waxes that’s really a pain in the nose. Haha! It is also soo effective! I’ve tried using it in my underarms and I absolutely love the results. It’s been weeks and the hair haven’t grown much yet, and it lightens my underarms too. There’s a little hair growing but some just falls off like magic~
They’ve said that with regular use of Strip It, less hair will grow everytime you use it until no hair grows at all. Don’t you just love it? I’m so excited to know that someday, my underarms will be hair-free! Haha!
Want to get your own Strip It Hair Removal Sugaring? Head on Love moon Shop now and buy a kit. It’s about time you pamper yourself with all natural products. 🙂
Love Moon Shop offers lots of beauty products you’ll surely love. Shop now! 😀

I’ve said this before and I’ll say this again, I’m currently in the process of making myself realize that I’m no longer that little girl to which my Papa always give piggyback rides, I’m a grown up teen now, or a grown up woman, I must say 🙂 I must learn to put make ups! I must! Haha.
So yeah, I’m currently over anything for the lips and I’ll tell you how much I love this Sevenfold Kiss Lip & Cheek Tint and this NYX Xtreme Lip Cream in Candy Land. 🙂 They were sent to me by Dee of Skye Avenue. Hello Dee! 🙂
So yeah, I love how Sevenfold Kiss is a lip & cheek tint at the same time. Haha. Two in One! Btw, It blends perfectly in cheeks and it gives a subtle rosyness 🙂 As for the lips, it gives more color to the lips that looks so natural ‘cause it doesn’t give that creamy finish like what most lipsticks give. It’s an excellent cosmetic for oily and combination skin. Has natural plumping content to make your lips pout. I think it’s best for high school students 🙂
As for the NYX Lip Cream, it’s soooo pink! I absolutely love it 🙂 It’s a liquid lipstick  that gives an extreme color with intense shine. I really love it and I wanna have it in some other colors especially the Matte Lip Cream in Amsterdam. *coughs coughs* Hi dee! LOL. Kidding aside. I suggest you get your own at Skye Avenue 🙂
So yes, I love both products and I think you’ll love them too so you must now head on Dee’s shop on FACEBOOK or MULTIPLY, you’ll surely love the cosmetics they offer! 🙂

Few weeks ago, I received a beauty loot from Katina of Krave Minerale Cosmeceuticals. Thank you Katrina! 🙂
Let me tell you what I think about these two : Organic Liquid Foundation and Complexion Perfection Loose Mineral Foundation
The Organic Liquid Foundation contains Carrot oil, Aloe Vera, Rosemary and Vitamin. 🙂 I love its oil balancing feature ‘cause I have these annoying oily face.  It also comes in different shades to fit all kinds of skin tones, I’ve got the Cassata Shade (morena skin). 🙂 This foundation gives a matte and poreless finish. Amazing isn’t it? 
On the other hand, the Complexion Perfection Loose Mineral Foundation is perfect for those who’s not a fan of Liquid foundations. Some find liquid foundations messy to apply so this one’s for you! 🙂 This one’s an Oil Control Foundation too, perfect for me! 🙂 It has different shades too, mine’s Haazelnut. If you don’t know what shade to get, there’s a guide on Krave’s website, you must check it out! 😀
Good thing about these foundations from Krave? It’s non-comedogenic so it won’t clog your pores & it’s non-acnegenic too so you don’t have to worry about having acne break outs! 🙂
To make this short, I suggest that you shop at Krave now and start going organic! Let your skin take a break from those cosmetics that contains chemicals which you can’t even pronounce the name. Haha!
You may visit Krave at the following sites:

Summer is really taking its toll in the Philippines now. It’s always so hot, that means we are also prone in having dry chapped lips. We all hate chapped lips, right? It ruins our lips + it hurts a lot!
Good thing there’s Carmex Lip Balms!

Carnex Philippines send me four Carmex Lip Balms, I’ve got the original flavour in stick, in a jar, and in a tube 🙂 They also send me the strawberry flavour in stick! They’re so generous!
The original flavor has this minty scent, so refreshing! The strawberry flavor smells like strawberry of course, I love it!
Carmex lip balm’s SPF15 to make sure that your lips are protected from the harmful rays of Sun. It’s also a great lip balm to keep your lips from drying and having chapped lips 🙂
If you already have chapped lips, stop yourself from pulling those dry skin cells on your lips, it will just worsen the situation. The perfect thing to do is apply Carmex Lip Balm to give your lips the moisture it needs. 🙂 
Get your own Carmex Lip Balm now, protect your lips, say bye-bye to chapped lips!

Revlon is already a renowned company so I don’t think it needs further introduction, Let’s just talk about the shades I got. Thank you Eman, the new PR Marketing Manager of Revlon Philippines, for sending me these! 🙂

Don’t you find them all pretty? I definitely love all these shades. I can’t thank Emman enough. He’s so generous to send these!

These New shades from Revlon nail polish looks so good right? Revlon polishes are of high quality too, it doesn’t chip off easily. I love it!

Let me give you a sum up about these shades..

  • 141 Angelic – it’s light pink in color, it look simple & demure yet fashionable 🙂
  • 370 Smoldering – it has a chromatic effect and it looks so good on nails. 🙂
  • 560 Zealous – it looks some sort of yellow green when still on the bottle, but its color is more of a yellow when applied on nails. This color is perfect for summer!
  • 471 Fashionista – This one’s my favorite, it has this blue green color. Ohh, I can’t deny my love for blue green. It’s so fashionable, as what the name says. 😀
  • 261 Sparkling – As what the name says, it sparkles! Haha. This nail polish is the perfect example of glittery pink. Its perfect to wear on a girl’s night out!

There you go, a summary of the new shades, love them? Buy now! 😀 It’s worth it. Remember, putting on a right shade of nail polish adds up extra glam on your outfit.
Once again, thank Emman for sending me these! 🙂