I build this outfit from the Batwing Top sent by Mapleberry Boutique. I wore this to run some errands with my boyfriend, photos were taken inside because I failed in chasing the sunlight that day 🙁 And also, pardon my super haggard face. 🙁

I love the neutral color of this Batwing top, it can be paired easily with any bottoms. This  Batwing top from Mapleberry is so versatile too. With proper accessories, I know it can easily make you rock a night party! :p

I look so exhausted in the photos 🙁 Btw, I just pair the Batwing top with black shorts and tan booties and I’m good to go! What a lazy outfit. Haha! But it turned out pretty well, don’t you think? 😉

I used my Newspaper Print Oversized Handbag from Oasap that day ’cause it’s big and all my bulky stuffs including my camera can fit in it really well! Haha. I’m a small girl but I always carry lots of stuffs so this bag is really a must have for me ;p 
That’s all with this outfit post lovelies! Hope you like it and please don’t forget to check out Oasap and Mapleberry Boutique for more great and affordable finds! 🙂

Make your statement with our best selling eyeshadow palettes – As featured in Vogue. With collections combining beautiful brights to subtle shimmers these palettes are a beautyuk fan must have! – Beauty UK

Day and Night pretty much describes this eyeshadow palette. It has colors that are perfect for natural looks and shades perfect for partying at night 😉 This palette comes in a very handy case that could easily fit anyone’s vanity kit. It also come with a mirror and an applicator for easy touch ups! 🙂
The first two shades on the upper part of the palette is perfect for doing a natural look. I also love that it has really wonderful bright shades. It’s really worth buying 🙂 If you want one too, you can get it here.

Those are the swatches of the shades at the lower part of the palette. They’re amazing! Thanks Skye Avenue for sending this palette to me, it’s simply amazing 😉
As you can see, the shades are really pigmented and it blends really well too 🙂 The black shade is so pigmented that it can be used as a liner. I love it! I love this palette! It’s worth adding to your make up collection my lovely readers! Get yours now at Skye Avenue

There you go, the wonderful Day and Night palette formulated by Beauty UK which you can buy at Skye Avenue! Check out their shop now! 🙂

Who’s looking for a Yummy Buddy? Don’t get me wrong, I mean a yummy buddy that will help you in keeping your lips moisturized. 😉 
Yummy Buddy is made of food grade natural ingredients so I’m pretty sure that my lips are safe when I’m using it. I also love the fact that it’s a chocolate lip balm (sucker for chocolates).

Yay for my Yummy Buddies! They all smell really yummy. :p

  • Divine Seduction – it smells a lot like vanilla. If you love the smell of Vanilla, this one’s perfect for you. 🙂
  • Cool Kisser – It smells like Peppermint and I love it! This one’s my new favorite ’cause it gives a soothing cooling effect on the lips. This will absolutely make anyone a cool kisser, literally!
  • Sweet Revenge – This lip balm is caramel flavored. It smells a lot like caramel which made me crave for caramel candies! It smells so yummy! 😉

These Lip Balms are not just yummy. They are all so effective actually. I love how these lip balms keep my lips moisturized in a yummy way! They are really a must-have, gotta say byebye dry and chapped lips!
Hello moisturized lips! Thanks to my Yummy Buddy! 😉

Who got tired eyes? Most of us who always like to go on Tumblr! :p If you’re having discomfort due to your tired eyes, I suggest the you give Kao Megorhythm Hot Eye Mask from ArtieStyle a try. I have tried using it and it really relieves tiredness.

I love this eye mask! The steam is just right, it’s really perfect to help tired eyes relax. I easily fell asleep everytime I’d use this Kao Megurhythm Steam Hot Eye Mask. That’s how relaxing it is! =)
If you want to give it a try, you can get it at ArtieStyle. I promise you won’t regret buying it ’cause it will really help give rest to your eyes. It’s a product worth trying! =)

Hello lovelies! I have another outfit post to share with you. I have to run lots of errands with my boyfriend that day so I made sure to dress comfortably. Actually, I tried to dress as comfortable as possible! Haha.

A simple Black and White ensemble, too plain? Naah. I think my top’s scalloped collar put a twist on my outfit. What do you think? I really love my Martini Cocktail Party Shirt from Conversation Pieces. It’s so cute!

I consider this Shirt from Conversation Pieces as a staple piece ’cause I can wear this on different events depending on the accessories I’ll wear. 🙂
Here are some tips on how to style this top : Put on your fancy cocktail ring and earrings that bling, cuz you’re gonna host your own black tie event. You dig? Invite all your hip and fab friends to the ultimate martini cocktail party. You’ll look so boss decked out in classic black and white. Wear it with a pair of cigarette pants or pencil skirt, leopard print kitten heels, and of course finish the look with scarlet red lips for one crazy cool ensemble. The scalloped collar and pleated front panel makes for the prettiest and quirkiest take on the manly tuxedo shirt, even Zoey Deschanel would approve!

You have no idea how much I love this shirt’s scalloped collar. I’m starting to love scalloped details. It looks so feminine! Haha.
By the way, visit Conversation Pieces now 🙂 You’ll regret what NOT what you buy, but what you DON’T buy! =)