Rucy’s Vanity Mascara Review

rucy's vanity mascara reviewThe Rucy’s Vanity Mascara was sent to me about two weeks ago for me to try out along with other Rucy’s Vanity products. I will make a detailed review of those soon. For now, let’s talk about this mascara. Shall we?

affordable waterproof mascaraThis waterproof mascara retails for 180php or $3.50 for 7ml worth or product. Its packaging is pretty simple but sleek.

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The Rucy’s Vanity Mascara claims to be hypo-allergenic, sweat-resistant, and waterproof. It also claims that it can protect your lashes and lock in moisture and that it can provide each lash with a natural coat to make it appear longer and volumized.

is rucys vanity mascara worth it

Rucy’s Vanity Mascara Pros:

  • Affordable. Can’t beat that 180php price point for a waterproof mascara that actually does its job.
  • Waterproof. I just can’t wear non-waterproof mascara nowadays.
  • Sleek Packaging. It’s a basic black tube but I love it because it doesn’t take up much space in my makeup kit.
  • It does not clump. I love how I can layer it and not have to worry about clumps. My lashes still looks natural and not too overdone even with three coats on. It just makes it look longer and adds a bit of volume.
  • Does not weigh down my lashes.
  • It does not smudge.
  • It’s pretty easy to remove with an oil-based makeup remover. Yes, I love a good waterproof mascara that can last me the whole day without smudging but I want to be able to remove it at the end of the day too! 😉
  • The wand lets me deliver the products on my lashes evenly. It’s pretty easy to maneuver too.

Rucy’s Vanity Mascara Cons:

  • Not as volumizing as I expected it to be. Well, this isn’t really a con since I prefer natural-looking lashes than the too dramatic ones. But since it claims to be a volumizing mascara, I expected it to really deliver volume. It did volumize my lashes a bit, but not much. It lengthens beyond my expectations though!

The Wand:

rucy's vanity mascara wandrucys vanity mascara wandAs I’ve mentioned before, I love the wand of the Rucy’s Vanity Mascara! I like the fact that it lets me deliver the product on my lashes evenly. It is also pretty easy to work around with, giving me freedom to reach each lash at the corners of my eyes and it also makes applying mascara on my bottom lashes a breeze!

favorite korean mascaraThe Rucy’s Vanity Mascara is my current go-to mascara and it easily made its way up in my favorites list! I’d definitely recommend it to everyone!




  1. August 11, 2017 / 2:22 pm

    These are beautiful photos and it looks like a great mascara! I only use waterproof these days too!
    Julia x

  2. August 18, 2017 / 1:07 am

    Love the way you look pictures of this product! Definitely going to have to check this mascara out!
    Isn’t That Charming.

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