Island Hopping in Bohol, Philippines

We had an amazing experience during our Island Hopping in Bohol. lol what? A Bohol post again? Uhm yeah. Haha! It’s been almost a year since we went to Bohol and I am still not done with my Bohol posts. I’m crossing my fingers that I can finish it this month! I suggest you watch the video in this post so that you can truly appreciate the beauty of the Islands in Bohol. I must say though that videos and photographs doesn’t do its beauty justice.

Island Hopping in BoholWe decided to stay in Panglao during the last two days of our Bohol trip. Well, we don’t really have plans on Island Hopping but a guy persuaded us to avail the island hopping package he’s offering during our stroll to the beach one afternoon. We paid 750php each or $13 for the island hopping fee.

Island Hopping in Bohol:

Earvin and I went out and had some drinks the night before so we accidentally woke up late for our Island Hopping trip. Good thing the other two persons who we are sharing the boat with is late too so we didn’t really inconvenience anyone. Haha!

First stop is Balicasag Island where we went snorkeling. I suggest you bring your own snorkeling gear with you, else you can rent a gear at the island for a fee.

Next stop is the Virgin Island, it was high tide during our trip so there’s knee deep water in the Virgin Island when we docked. In this island, you can pick some exotic seafood like Avalon which will be cooked in front of you.

We really enjoyed our expereince and I might write some Bohol Travel tips in my upcoming posts. 😉



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