Zark’s Burger – SM Bacoor

Zark's BurgerI have heard so many great things about Zark’s Burger before so when Earvin and I passed by their place in SM Bacoor, I asked Earvin if we can give them a try. He agreed that we eat at Zark’s burger just for the sake of trying. We just finished running errands that time and a little snack probably wouldn’t hurt, right?

Zark’s Burger:

zark's burger

Their burgers are pretty good but I don’t see anything special with them. It has a nice mix of flavors and they are pretty affordable. I believe the burger’s prices ranges from 100php to 300php and that already includes a side of fries and drinks.

bacon burgerI love their bacon and cheese fries. The bacon bits are so tasty and crispy! Earvin and I just have one concern about their patty. It cannot hold its shape together. It is so crumbly! 🙁

crumbly burger patties

I know, I know, this photo is not appetizing at all but I decided to include it in the post just to show you how crumbly their patties are. They literally fall apart.

I am not sure if we’re just on a bad branch because everyone raves about their burger and everyone seems to love it. Maybe we’ll try their burgers again but on a different branch. I have to mention too that their staff on SM Bacoor isn’t very welcoming. I am not sure if it’s just because Earvin and I were literally on our house clothes when we dined in. We probably didn’t look as presentable to the staff(?). I am not sure. One server even gave me a side eye when I was asking something about our orders. 🙁

Final Thoughts:

cheese burger zarksWe will probably try their burgers again but we will make sure to dine in on a different branch ’cause we didn’t really have a pleasant experience on their SM Bacoor Branch.

I’d say their burgers are worth it because it tastes good and has a nice mix of flavors, minus the patty being too crumbly. I have to mention that I wasn’t able to finish my burger so I decided to just take it home and put it in the fridge. When I got hungry during dinner, I was too lazy to heat it up. Haha! I ate it while it’s still quite cold and I told Earvin I prefer it cold and I think it tastes better because the patty held its shape when it’s cold. Haha! Earvin says I’m too weird. lol.

So yes, we’ll try it again because their burgers are good and affordable but we will surely dine on a different branch next time even if their SM Bacoor branch is the one closest to us.



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  1. June 8, 2017 / 9:06 pm

    I don’t really like burgers, but this one looks super tasty, hehe. Makes me reconsider trying some soon enough. Wishing you a lovely day! xx


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