Choose the Right Kurti Design

kurti design
There are as many designs that one can choose from when shopping for kurtis. These are as varied as the number of people that go for various designs of this authentic dress. It therefore can surmount to something of a maze for a person desiring to buy the right design of the dress.
One of the main things that stand out when making a choice of kurti design is the shape of your body. The dress has evolved to one that represents the traditional Indian dress and is fashionable as well. It is not difficult for one to find one that can be worn with just about anything for the Indian woman. Age is not limiting as anyone can wear the dress from the college student in search of authentic fashion to the one working in an office who requires a decent outfit to wear.
The shape of your body pretty much will determine the right design for you. The ultimate for each woman who is shopping for a kurti is to be able to find one that brings out the best in her. Be it for the curvy one who likes to flaunt her curves or the pear shaped body who wants to have attention on the upper body there are kurtis to suit the person. What you need to have in mind when shopping for a kurti is the part of your body that you like to draw most attention to when wearing the dress.
It has been said that women with a square shape are better suited to wear kurtis that are not tight fitting but should show off the arms instead. For the woman who falls into this category, go for kurti frocks or those without sleeves. Then there are those that have a larger upper body who need kurtis that draw attention more to the lower body. For this class of women, kurtis with a plain neckline work best as they will keep attention off that part of the body.
For the one with a large upper body and thin legs, kurtis with a v-neck as well as bringing out a false impression of curves will work well for the body shape. You can see that for you to stand out wearing a kurti, it should be one that compliments your body shape in all aspects. For it to be effective in doing so, it should lay emphasis on the parts of the body that you like to flaunt while covering up those that you would rather not have bring to notice.
A check for party wear kurtis will give you a big selection to be able to choose from. Since you are aware of what best works for you beforehand, make sure you go by the design that best suits your body shape above all else. After that you can put into consideration other factors such as your complexion when shopping for a kurti. All of these work to bring out the best in the way that you wear the kurti dress.



  1. July 30, 2016 / 4:42 am

    Whoa, that kurtis looks very nice. But yes, choosing one is based on appearance and others. In the end, what fits and what one could look good at is what matters.

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  3. September 5, 2017 / 10:49 am

    Wow! I love the pattern and color. Have a blessed day!


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