Luz Kitchenette – Gapan City, Nueva Ecija

After doing the usual grocery rounds a few weeks ago, we decided to eat out at Luz Kitchenette instead of our usual KFC run.
Luz Kitchenette is a must-vist restaurant when you are at Nueva Ecija. The food they serve is totally delish and worth coming back for yet so affordable! It’s a restaurant with a carinderia vibe. You can either go on their buffet spread and pin point which dishes you want to order or you can ask for a menu. It’s definitely up to you!
Check out what we ordered after the cut!

Ceasar Salad, 100+ php

Ceasar Salad is boyfriend’s favorite so we had to order it. It’s sprinkled with generous amount of parmesan cheese which I really love! I am a sucker for parmesan cheese. Earvin is quite disappointed though because the salad is already tossed in the dressing, he prefers the dressing on the side. lol!

Baked Macaroni, 90php

This is my sister’s order and she devoured it in a blink of an eye! My sister is a picky eater and she rarely finishes a meal whenever we eat out (except for cakes and other sweets). Considering that she finished this meal and even asked me to order another serving for take out says a lot about this Baked Mac!

Prawn Cocktail, 300+ php

This dish is the priciest among all our orders. I mean a prawn cocktail for only 300+php? You gotta be kidding me! Anyway, the Prawn Cocktail can either be served with rice or with fries depending on what you prefer. I chose to have it served with fries because my sister loves their fries! The prawn cocktail itself is bursting with flavor and it’s definitely a must try when you visit Luz Kitchenette.

Chicken Cordon Bleu, 180php

This is the most disappointing dish among all, it lacks on flavor and the sauce doesn’t even compliment the chicken >.<

Pork Sisig, 220php
The sisig can either be served with mayonnaise or as a kalpukan. Kalpukan is basically a sisig drizzled with calamansi juice (which I prefer), but Earvin decided to order it with mayonnaise instead (boo!). I still enjoyed it though because the pork is so crunchy!
Leche Flan, 100+ php

We decided to order their bestseller Leche Flan for dessert and I’m telling you it’s the best Leche Flan I’ve had so far. Well, next to my mama’s Leche Flan! Hahaha! Hi Mama! It’s so creamy and it has the right amount of sweetness! I definitely recommend this.


Luz Kitchenette – J Malgapo St., Gapan City, Nueva Ecija

Have you even been to Luz Kitchenette? What’s your favorite dishes? Mine are the Baked Macaroni, Cocktail Prawns, and the Leche Flan! If you ever find yourself in Nueva Ecija, believe me, it’s worth dropping by the Luz Kitchenette. 🙂



  1. June 23, 2015 / 5:10 am

    Baked mac for sure … I went there last year coz ur right its a really a must to visit this place … I felt like im a kid again :))

  2. October 12, 2016 / 11:16 pm

    Chanced upon your old post from a year ago. I wonder if the food quality at Luz has changed? I like that you are honest with your opinion on the food here. Photos do not tell the story. What looks good may not be good, and what lacks presentation may be kick ass in taste.

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