Cozy Weather

Cozy Weather

It’s been raining the past few days during the afternoons which makes sense that I start hoarding hoodies and sweaters again, right?

I don’t really like the rain as it annoys me to death when I need to go somewhere and it pours. And also, I’m afraid of heavy downfalls as the crazy sound sounds of raindrops almost always gives me anxiety. I don’t know why it gets me anxious when it’s actually relaxing for most people.

Anyways, I’ve been looking online for hoodies and sweaters just because I love wearing them. You can snuggle on it at home or strut on the mall on your hoodie without getting judged, right? Haha!

So as I was saying, rainy season is about to begin so go online and chechk Zalora’s collection of hoodies for women if you’re a local reader or if you prefer to shop locally for faster shipping. I love their plain sweaters and the ones with minimalist prints 🙂


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