LA Girl FineLine Eyeliner Review

LA Girl FineLine Eyeliner  Review
 My Mirenesse Pen Eyeliner bid me goodbye sometime last month, sucks because I love that eyeliner so much. I went on their website to order a replacement and stock up at the same time but I can no longer find it so I decided to try an eyeliner from other brands. And besides, my good ‘l trusty Mirenesse Pen Eyeliner is quite pricey. I think it’s somewhere between 39AUD.

So I decided to go and try the LA Girl Fineline eyeliner instead since it’s very cheap. I got it for 299php, that’s around 6USD. At first I thought I was getting a bang for my buck.
LA Girl FineLine Eyeliner Review by Angelie Pangilinan
LA Girl FineLine Eyeliner Fine Tip
I am inlove with its super fine tip. I can easily draw a thin line with its tip and a thick line too if I am too tilt the pen as I glide it on my lids.
LA Girl FineLine Eyeliner in LE721 Black
LA Girl FineLine Eyeliner swatches
I have nothing against its pigmentation. I can easily get a very pigmented line with just one swipe.
LA Girl FineLine Eyeliner smudges so bad

What I don’t like about this eyeliner is even if it’s all dried out and set, it still smudges like crazy! Such a bummer! In the photo above, I just wiped it gently with my finger, as in very gently. It’s really a disappointment.

I wore this on our Baguio Trip and I touched my eyes thoughtlessly making me look like a panda. It literally smudged all over my eyes! 🙁

I didn’t know if I only got a pen from a bad batch, but nevertheless, I am not repurchasing. I am so disappointed with this LA Girl FineLine Eyeliner.

Is there any eyeliner available locally that you swear by? Suggest some to me please! I’ll really appreciate it. <3 🙂


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