Burgundy or Marsala?

It’s been a while since I last published an outfit post. It’s been monthsss! It is because I gained a lot of weight lately which results to me being so lazy to play dress up. I’ve been living off of loose shirts and leggings lately. Well, I’m still living off of leggings to this day but I’m slowly trying to get back on track.
I’ve been depressed at one point and realized it’s because I no longer pay attention to my blog which is more likely my reality getaway. I’m slowly easing back to blogging which explains this super simple slash lazy outfit post, and I hope you will still walk with me in this journey. Let’s all get fit and healthy together!

LA Girl FineLine Eyeliner
Anyways, It’s already March and I’m still confused as to what’s the difference between Marsala and Burgundy. Hahaha! So I’m not sure what’s the color of the top I’m wearing. Is it Burgundy or Marsala? Let me know!
What I’m Wearing:
Tank Top : Romwe | Cardigan : Romwe | Bag : Longchamp | Leggings : H&M | Cat Loafers : Romwe


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