Little Black Dress

little black dress
It’s been a while since I last published an outfit post, I know! 🙁 Let’s just say that I’m currently in a state where my confidence decided to escape my being. However, I’m trying to love my body the way I did before so here’s a start, an outfit post!

As you ca see, I managed to amass pounds and pounds of fat the past months, that’s mainly the reason why I lack on outfit post. These belly fat and muffin tops made me lazy. I just don’t feel like dressing up these days!

But I promise I’ll try to post more outfit posts again, gotta love what you have! 😉 I’m still blessed to have complete and functioning body parts so I don’t see why I’m being such a brat about gaining a few pounds. 😐 I just don’t understand myself sometimes. Haha! 🙂

Stuff I’m Wearing:
Little Black Dress : Romwe | Clutch Bag : Romwe | Lipstick : Mirenesse | Gold Pumps : Overlabeled


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