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movie stars cafe
A month ago, I received an email from Iyah inviting me to visit Movie Stars Cafe so I can try out their food. I instantly said yes because I’ve been there before and tried one of their pizza which I forgot the name (what a shame) and it was really good. I’ve been there before at 5pm and I left immediately after the satisfying pizza so I didn’t really get to watch their shows. So during my second visit, I made sure to set a reservation at 6pm and stayed up till 11pm to watch the shows. =))

Movie Stars Cafe Buffet Station:

At their buffet station :)) I decided to avail their Dino Buffet and it was worth every penny. All the food tastes so good. I suggest going in as early as 6pm when you want to avail their dinner buffet just so you can get first dibs on the food. Dino Buffet rate starts costs 699php (+100 during weekends)

Salad Station
Pickled Vegetables
Pesto Cream Past & Sausages Pasta
The Pesto Cream Pasta is good but I love the sausages Pasta better! 🙂 it’s fillled with meaty goodness I just can’t stop myself from eating a lot.
Oh noooo. Dino is about to eat me! Hahaha
Their Dessert Station is definitely my favorite among all the stations. Hahaha!

My first dessert plate, those mini blueberry cheesecakes are the bomb! I ate a lot of them!

I ate a lot of watermelon and pineapples too 😉

We also ordered a few dishes from their Ala Carte Menu, first is this Monroe’s Favorite (545php). It’s too exciting to look at their menu since their dishes are named after movies and whatnots. This restaurant will surely bring in Hollywood vibe.

Okay back to Monroe’s Favorite, it tastes good but I only had a bite off it because I’m allergic to shrimps. 🙁 But my friends said it’s really good and they really enjoyed it. 🙂

We also ordered Stars BBQ Pork Ribs (960php). At first we though we couldn’t finish it because it’s in such huge serving but it tastes so good there’s nothing left after we’re done eating.

This is definitely my favorite, it’s so tender and it tastes so good. I can’t explain how good it is. Better order this when you go to Movie Stars Cafe. I promise you won’t regret ordering it and you will enjoy eating every bit of it. 😉 I am actually salivating right now just looking at the photos and reminiscing how good it was.

If you think I’m exaggerating when I’m telling you that the food tastes really good, then let me show you a photo of our table after we’re done eating. There’s barely any food left!

My friend also ordered the Lond Island drink. I only had a sip because I’m not in the food for alcoholic drinks that time but my friend enjoyed it. I don’t know if I’m not in the mood or I am just too full I ca no longer fit anything in my tummy anymore. Haha!

Well, girls can never have too much dessert, or at least I can’t so we decided to order Memory Lane (240php) It probably looks to plain and not too inviting but when you had the first taste of it, you can never stop eating it. It’s not too sweet, the strawberry syrup balanced everything. It melts in your mouth too, it’s like heaven melting in your mouth. I’m not kidding, it’s really good!

Movie Stars Cafe Staff:

The staff are very accomodating too, I’ll blog about the shows and a lot more selfies on my next post. But for now here’s a photo with me and the chefs. No wonder the food tastes so good, it’s prepared with love. I’m prettty sure at it. Look at their faces, they are all smiling and they look too happy with what their doing. I think they really love what they do and it reflect in the food they prepare. 🙂

Movie Stars Cafe Midnight Buffet:

We stayed up too late that night because we had so much fun and didn’t even notice the time. By the time we decided to go we we’re surprised that it’s already 11pm! Movie Stars Cafe’s Midnight Buffet was already served by that time so we decided to take few snaps. 🙂


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I hope you enjoy this yummy post! 🙂 Till my next post 😛


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