Customized Arm Candies from BeadsAtWar! :)

 Remember those marbles you see at aquariums? Who would’ve thought that it could double up as an arm candy? Growing up, I never imagined it can be a fashion piece because before I got these arm candies from @beadsatwar the only purpose I know those pebbles serve is to bling up aquariums. Hahaha!
Anyhow, I got these armcandies mooonths ago so the creative owner of the shop already come up with lots of other designs. Lots of pretty and cool personalized wire bracelets! You should check out her shop to view her other designs! 🙂
You can actually customize these marble arm candies, you can add your photos of the most memorable moments, add up your name or anything that you pay importance too 🙂 If you’re interested in ordering, you may fill up the order form here.


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