Paisley and Neon prints

Hi everyone! It’s been a while since I last publish and #OOTD post. My cousins and I actually took these photos a few months back. The same day we took the photos on my Double Trouble post. I know I’m being a bad blogger but I really need to set my priorities straight. I need to finish school first, then after that I can blog all I want, hopefully! =)
Anyhow, Djoy and I wore skirts with contradicting prints and colors which actually says a lot about our personality. Djoy is more on the sophisticated side while I’m more on the “manang” side. Haha! Hence, Djoy wearing bold Neon prints while I shoo myself away from it and opt on a skirt with paisley prints. Funny how you can actually tell a person’s personality just by observing her choices on clothes 🙂

I hope you enjoy these last set of photos. I’m wishing that we could take more sets this Christmas break (hi Ate Lean and Djoy, I’m on already on my Christmas break!)

What I’m wearing :

On Djoy :


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