Double Trouble

I almost gave up with the set of these photos, it took me good two hour to upload them all. 🙁 Google Chrome decided to crash while I’m uploading this photo which means I have to re-upload it. :((
But I think all the wait is worth it because I love these set of photos which I took with my two favorite cousins <3 
Click read more to see who I’m with  on the next set of photos! <3

Djoy and I decided to go matchy-matchy by wearing skater skirts. Only upon writing this post that I get to realize that we both have cross details on our outfit <3 I wanna make things clear, we have the same height, it’s just that her heels are higher than mine. Hahaha! I really need to make this clear because they always bully me for being shorter than all of them. Okay, maybe Djoy is taller than me, but just a BIT! Haha! I definitely regret faking my afternoon naps when I was a kid! 🙁 </3

This post should be entitled “Triple Trouble” since these photos were taken by our Ate Lean, we convinced her to take photos with us but she didn’t want too 🙁 Says she’s not prepared. Hahaha! Our Ate Lean is the kind of one who works her magic behind the scenes, I guess? Love you ate! I know you’ll be reading this post because you’ve been very supported ever since I started blogging. 🙂 Thank you for supporting me all the way ate! #sisipsipdinpagmaytime =)))) No, seriously. Love you ate!! 😀 Djoy and I are so proud and lucky to have you as our bigger sister, we know you always got our back and we know that you’ll NEVER let anyone hurt us. <3

The typical “maarte” djoy showing off the back details of her top. Hahaha! Love you Djoy!

“It’s true that only the people you love, care and trust can bring out the best in you <3”
I know because they sure did bring out the best in me.
What do you think of our outfit? Let me know on the comment box below! 🙂
On me :
On Djoy’s:

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  1. November 14, 2013 / 12:24 am

    Haha you two are gorgeous and this post is seriously making me smile so much!!! Cute! Love the skater skirts and pumps;) double the trouble and double the love <33 xxx

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