Sephora Color Wand Review

 I got this Sephora Color Wand from KikayKatesKorner a week ago and my little sister loved it! She asked me if she could have it for herself so I just told her that I need to review it first. I kinda regret saying that because after using it, I now want it for myself! Hahaha! I guess it’s okay ef we would share. Don’t you think? 😉
I think it’s really cute packaging and it’s lovely colors is what attracted my little sister the most, because I must admit that it caught my attention too. If not for the little puppy eyes my sister gave me, I won’t let her have this!

 Don’t you find this little lip gloss tubes with cute little wands? There are more things to love about this Sephora Color wand than it’s cuteness!


  • Non Sticky. I’m not used to wearing lip gloss because I always find them sticky but surprisingly this one is not. Great!
  • It has a great fruity scent. It has a fruity scent that’s just right. It won’t give you headache. I promise!
  • I love the packaging. I love the a single wand has six colors in it. It saves space on your makeup kit. I know it’s perfect to bring with you everyday because it saves a lot of space. Not to mention, it’s cute!
  • Great Pigmentation. The darker shades has a great pigmentation that could somehow pass as a lipstick, though the staying power is not as good as a lipstick. 😉
  • Kids friendly. If you have a little sister or daughter who loves makeup like my sister, then this could be a perfect gift for them! It’s better that you know that the lip products they are using are made by a trusted brand than buying them those makeup thingy on toy stores. 🙂

Here’s the swatches, the lighter shades turns out clear when applied after using a lipstick while the darker shades can be worn alone, you just need to re-apply more often! 🙂
I have been thinking for a while what I don’t like about this Sephora Color Wand but I can’t think of any. 😐 If you own a lip wand, let me know what you think about it or if there’s something that you don’t like about it. Please? 🙂 I need to know! Hahaha!
By the way, if you want one for yourself or you want to buy gifts for the kids, you can order on @kikaykateskorner! 🙂 Don’t forget to follow them on Instagram! 🙂


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