The Unboxing of the Luxurious Black Box

When  I started blogging a year ago, I promised myself that I’ll own a designer bag one day, one way or another. Balenciaga is my ultimate dream bag. A few weeks ago I decided to go that it’s about time to work on making my dream come true. I am only planning to take down prices of a Balenciaga bag, and which site is the best one to buy my dream bag so I can start saving for it. 😉

Lo and behold I found I site called Reebonz, definitely the best site that I have came across after hours of “researching” ( I call window shopping online researching. lol) They have unbelievable great deals on the designer items they carry, and believe me, they carry a lot of it!

Yes, I wasn’t able to control myself when I saw these really really great deals and I shopped right away! The one thing that made me shop right away is the fact that even if you’ll get the designer item on a really really low price, you don’t have to worry about custom taxes because they pay for it too. How amazing is that? 

I literally had a mini heart attack when this luxurious black box arrive home! It arrived home 14 days after ordering it, that is such a fast delivery considering that the package came from another country. And it only proves that Reebonz stick to the promise that they’ll be the one to take care of the customs taxes. The delivery man didn’t ask me even for a cent!

 When I opened the box this sight welcomes me, I want to rip of the paper right away out of excitement but I just don’t want to waste the pretty site. It’s worth taking a photo first. Hahaha!

 See that? I was able to afford two bags! It’s because it’s really worth it 🙂 Believe me when I say you can’t say no to the pretty items at such a low price. And look, I got a free iPhone 5 case 🙂 So sweet of them!

How pretty is that case? Too bad I don’t own an iPhone5 so I guess I’ll just be giving this away. Who’s up for another International Giveaway? 😉

I know you are dying out of curiosity of what bags I got so here are the photos. The first one is this Love Moschino Quilted Crossbody bag 🙂 It’s perfect for evening events or for casual days. A bag for a grown up lady? 🙂

And above is a simple outfit during a day out with my family. See how a bag can change the mood of the outfit? It instantly adds class to my lazy outfit! 🙂

I always find myself staring at the bag. It’s such a pretty sight. You’ll surely see this bag a lot on my future outfit posts. 🙂
If you are looking for a site where to buy designer items. I suggest you go nowhere but Reboonz. It was worth it and I can definitely vouch that shopping with them is hassle free. They offer great deals on great designer items, free shipping, and they take care of the taxes. Need I say more? Sign up on their site now and subscribe to the mailing list so you’ll be posted on their new events 🙂 I promise, you won’t regret it. 🙂



  1. September 3, 2013 / 7:08 pm

    The other one a bought is a Tory Burch 🙂 Will post an OOTD about it soon! 🙂

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