The Best of Friends

I’m pretty sure all of us have different circles of friends, the one you had during elementary days whom you used to play chinese garter and touching ball, those you met during high school who shared those puppy love moments with you, and those you met during college days whom you shared the most stress and depression. Hahaha! I know because I have those friends but I’m lucky enough that I have friends who stick with through thick and thin. 
I have been separated with my high school friends for years, we only met atleast three times a year if we’re lucky but that doesn’t even bother us, we miss each other of course but even if we rarely get along these days, we all know that if anyone is in trouble, high school barkadas are just a text away, yes a text away because we are too kuripot for calls! Hahaha!

This dress is perfect for picnics and for night beach parties. It’s fabric is so soft and it’s really comfortable to wear.


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