Rocker Chic

This is my first attempt on trying a rocker chic outfit, I guess? I don’t think I have done an outfit similar to this before. I think I love how the outfit turned out! You know that feeling when you have such an amazing pair or leggings that you know you need to get out of your comfort zone so you can wear it? That’s what I totally feel with this leggings from Outletyard! 
By the way, this is a photo-heavy post! My friend Roby, who takes these shots, did my hair and makeup, and styled my hair (talk about having a talented best friend! — more like super maarte best friend) doesn’t get contented with my poses on my photos so we end up taking lots and lots of photos! She does not go with “pwede na yan shots” which is great! Hahaha!

My leggings from Outletyard is looove! It looks like leather but it’s not. If you’re a rocker chic who wants to wear leather leggings but you can’t bear the heat of our tropical country, then you should buy this kind of pair at Outletyard! It has a really really soft fabric which is really comfortable! With this pair, you won’t have to sacrifice for fashion. 😉

 I told you, we took lots of photos and she forced me to do different facial expressions! Hahaha! New thing for me, since I’m not really a #selfie addict kind of girl. 😉 My sheer top is also from Outletyard, it goes really well with the leggings!! Thank you Mea for sending these items!! Love <3

Spikey Necklace for a more rocker chich vibe! 

 Cross Ring and Silver bangles to match! <3

And to complete the look, I wore this Leather Pumps from Romwe <3
What I wore :
What do you think of my take on being a rocker chic? Did I do it right? 🙂


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  1. September 1, 2013 / 7:41 pm

    Ano nga ba sa English ang ASTIG? Haha! Grabe. Ayokong sabihing cool, kasi parang mas appropriate talaga ang "ASTIG". I really love this outfit, Ate Angelie! 🙂

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