My Top 3 Cherry Mobile Picks

Have you ever heard of Cherry Mobile? If you’re from Philippines then I’m pretty sure you already did. They rocked the market this year when they release phones at such a low price but with awesome capabilities.
1. Cherry Mobile Flare : P3,999
I think this mobile phone is what started Cherry Mobile’s fame this year. I have tried using it and it is really responsive. Another thing to love is that a Jellybean update has been released for Flare few months ago. Making it a smart phone which is worth every penny.

2. Cherry Mobile Omega HD : P8,999
What I love the most about this phone is its scratch resistant screen made of dragon trail glass. This is the perfect phone for clumsy girls like me who tend to drop their phones all the time. Haha!
3. Cherry Mobile Blaze : P9,499
What I love about this mobile phone is its battery life. It really lasts a while and the fact the it has 2MP front camera and a 12MP main camera proves that its not just your ordinary phone. 😉
If you’re planning to buy a mobile phone but you’re just not into shedding that big amount of money on an iPhone then you must consider these three on your list 🙂 You can order online on Lazada‘s website 😀


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