Hello lovelies! I hope you are all fine, it’s been raining continuously for two days now and it is stressing the hell out of me. I don’t know why but I never ever liked rain. I always feel uneasy whenever it rains, i feel sad, depressed even. 🙁 So Maring I’m begging you, please leave before I die of depression. By the way, keep safe and warm everyone! Let’s all pray for the safety of our fellow filipinos! 🙂

 It’s our exams week so I’ll get really really busy. However, I’ll still try to squeeze time for my blog so I can publish a post everyday! 😉

 I have been obsessed with anything in mint color lately that why I get really really happy when this Mint Peplum top from @happyme_happyu arrives!  Mint + Peplum = Perfection 🙂 I love how peplum tops and dresses gives an illusion that I actually have hips to flaunt. Hahaha!

My bandage skirt arrives just in time! I know this skirt is meant to be with my peplum top. Thank you so much so sending it over @fabu_lust 🙂 Please excuse the blurry photos and the shadows, my mom is still getting the hang of taking my outfit shots but at least she’s putting an effort in helping me out. I have never been really close with my mom and the fact that she is helping me out to keep this blog going really makes my heart melt. :”>
My everyday bag! 🙂

My favorite pair of pumps from Martofchina. I love how sexy it looks and it is really really comforatable to wear. It feels like a can run in them! Okay, maybe a bit exaggerated on the running part but believe me it is really comfortable, it will let you walk in comfort. Hahaha!
What do you think of this outfit? Yay or Nay?


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