Alexander McQueen

Whenever you see skulls that shouts glitz and glamour, what crosses your mind first? I’m pretty sure it’s Alexander McQueen! I admire how this luxury brand has turned a skull which has symbolizes evil turn into a fashionable luxury icon!
I am never a fan of skulls and all, it’s more like goth than luxurious to me but Alexander McQueen changed it all. He’s turned it into something that speaks glamour and luxury. I’ve been eyeing a few Alexander McQueen Items actually and it’s what I’m gonna show you in this post 🙂
1. Alexander McQueen Golden Skull Softy Patent Leather Black Heels – £278.00

You can never go wrong with a black pair of heels, you can wear it on an evening party or pair it with your corporate outfit. But this doesn’t mean you should always stick on the plain old boring black heels. This pair from Alexander McQueen will surely add an edgy feel to an outfit. 😉
2. Alexander McQueen Whipsnake Skull Charm Black Flats – £250.00

A women should always have a spare flats wherever she goes. You can always leave it in your car or stash it in your bag when you’re carrying a big one. It will be very useful in case your feet started to hurt and get tired with those towering heels! 🙂 And black is a good choice when it comes to color ’cause it usually goes well with almost everything. 🙂
3. Alexander McQueen Classic Skull Studded Black & Gold Box Clutch Bag – £1,195.00

Some of you might raise brows with the price of this clutch because it’s quite pricey, I mean really pricey. Haha! But I assure you this clutch is worth every penny for it is embellished with gold studs and it’s signature swarovski crystal skull will surely catch everyone’s attention. It’s like saying “Hey, I know I’m gorgeous! I’m Alexander McQueen” 🙂
4. Alexander McQueen Classic Skull, Silver Studded Flag Black Box Clutch – £620.00

This clutch bag is perfect for girls who doesn’t want to look to girly. I’m pretty sure this one is for rocker babes! It looks fierce! 😉
5. Alexander McQueen Skull Print Pink & Grey Chiffon Silk Scarf – £165.00

Girly meets edgy in this scarf! It’s definitely a must have because the pink color will surely make its way as a perfect cover up for summer! And also, it’s gonna add a playful vibe to the gloomy winter. What do you think? 🙂


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