Hayan Korea Crystal Oatmeal Peeling Gel Review

Hayan Korea Crystal Oatmeal Peeling Gel

The Korea Novelas took over the spotlight during my high school days. I remember staying up late just to watch my favorite Korea Novela with my Mommy. I’ve been a fan of Full House and I have always wondered how Jessie takes care of her skin. It always looks so smooth and fresh! Well, most koreans have a clear and healthy skin. The are not a lot of Korean brand skin care products available during that time!
Years passed and finally, Korean Brand cosmetics are all over the malls and all. And since I have always wanted to achieve a skin as healthy as those of the Koreans, I vow to try on Hayan Korea, their products sounds so promising!

Hayan Korea Crystal Oatmeal Peeling Gel review
First on the list is this Crystal Oatmeal Peeling Gel. In all honesty, this is really the best peeling product that I’ve tried so far! I only use this twice a week so the 100ml tube will surely last me months because a little product goes a long way! 🙂
Hayan Korea Crystal Oatmeal Peeling Gel Pros :
  • It doesn’t irritate my skin. I’m sure that you know that a lot of peeling products can be irritating, some literally peels off your skin, and I know that hurts!
  • It does not dry out my skin. Yes, It doesn’t and my skin even feels more moisturized after using this.
  • It makes my skin a bit brighter after every use. I love how when it dries up, it looks like an egg white has been dried up on your skin but not in a yucky way. Hahaha! When it dries up, you just massage it and you’ll see dirt and dead skin cells come off, literally. So you can really see a whiter face every after use. Haha!
  • It smells really good. I am very keen when it comes to the scent of the products I use. Some that I’ve tried smells like an acid and smells like an alcohol. I usually lost interest on the product when I don’t like its smell. That’s why I love this peeling gel, it has a sweet scent. Smells like a flower, i just can’t remember what exactly. Ooops!
  • It’s feels relaxing. It has a cooling effect when applied to the skin. That cooling effect and that really nice scent. Oh, you have no idea how relaxing it is! 😛
  • It’s very affordable. This 100ml tube only costs 570php 🙂 Would you believe that?
Hayan Korea Crystal Oatmeal Peeling Gel Cons:
  • It feels irritating and itchy when left on the skin for more than 3 minutes. I know I said it’s relaxing but you should be mindful of the guidelines. Do not leave it to the skin for more than three minutes or you’ll feel itchy.
I highly recommend this product to everyone regardless of your skin type. I have an oily/combination skin and this works really well for me. I also asked a friend to try this out, she has a dry skin and it works well on her too! We both love this product. Two thumbs up to Hayan Korea!


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