I must admit that I’ve been distracted lately. So that explains that lack of posts. i am really really sorry and I promise to post more the coming week 🙂 I’ll really try my best to get back on track!
I am pretty much confused with everything so I decided to take a break and keep myself busy by baking and by watching Grey’s Anatomy. I’m on season now, actually. Hahaha! But I know I can’t just neglect my blog, so I promise no more baking for me this week. It also seems that my sister got tired eating my cupcakes and cookies. Haha!

I know the pink lipstick doesn’t suit me at all. It’s probably the reason why these photos sit on my drafts for more than a week. Can you just please ignore my face and focus on my outfit? Haha! Though I hate my lipstick and my awkward smiles in these photos, I love my outfit. It makes me look like I have long legs. Don’t you think?

And my Heart Printed shorts goes really well with my Jardine shoes from World Balance. 🙂 I think they’re meant to be together in one outfit. 😀

I decided to put on skull bracelets and a cross ring to add some sort of edgy feel in this outfit. Though I don’t think I succeed in adding an edgy vibe because my skull bracelets are just too colorful. Haha!

Don’t you just love my Jardine from World Balance? It’s so girly and classy and the floral prints are love. Floral prints will always have a soft spot in my heart. 😀

I must say that my Jardine Shoes is where fashion meets comfort. Nothing can beat heels but it’s good to give your feet time to rest and opt to rubber shoes once in a while. I can’t say anything more, I just love it, it’s really comfortable to wear, it fits my like a glove and I love the way that it is made and designed. Two thumbs up to World Balance PH! 🙂


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