Be Thankful

How often do you say Thank You to your friends, your parents, to your partners in life, to God? How often? Do you thank them everyday for the love and the efforts that they keep on doing for you? I think they deserve to hear a Thank You from you every once in a while. If you can’t find a reason to thank them, you can at least tank them for being there and for not letting you face the daily challenges of life alone. 🙂

And there’s someone who deserves to hear Thank You from us everyday. Do you thank God for the gift of another day every morning? Do you thank Him for all the blessing He’s given you? Do you thank Him before you go to sleep for the wonderful day He let you enjoy?

Moving on to my outfit post, I have never tried an all white outfit before. The main reason is that I’m afraid it’ll get dirty and I’ll look so untidy. But when this jumpsuit from Sheindside arrived in the mail, I know I have to get out of my comfort zone and wear this piece. It’s just so classy!

And yes, I opted out with gold accessories again. 🙂 It’s just that when I’m in doubt, I always go for gold. It is effortlessly classy.

I got this layered gold necklace from SM Accessories a few months. A perfect match to my jumpsuit!
Noticed anything new? I’m finally experimenting with my hair! I’ve always worn my hair down but my friend who loves playing with my hair insists that I go for different hairstyles every time. She did a waterfall braid this time and I guess it really suits my outfit. I know I really need to fix my horrible roots. Hahaha! This is an obligatory photo, somewhat a way of bragging that I have a friend blessed with skillful hands! 😀

Borrowed this gold bangle from my friend. It’s so pretty and classy and elegant and all. Haha!

And to add a pop of color on my outfit, I decided to wear my wedge from Mario D’ Boro 🙂 I got this a few months back but I don’t know where to pair it before. But when I got the jumpsuit from Sheinside, I knew this is the perfect time to take out these babies out for a spin! It’s like they’re made for each other, it’s worth the wait, I guess? 🙂


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