Skin White Advanced

If you are a Filipina and you’ve been obsessed on having whiter skin for as long as you can remember, I’m pretty sure you have tried using Skin White products before. I believe that it is one of the first products in the country. I used to see my older cousins using it before. I was still a kid then! Skin White has been here even before those Papaya soaps and Glutathione products invaded the market.

Well, Skin White has recently released this Advanced product line. The Advanced line claims to have synchronized whitening actions that bring out your beautiful blush white skin from face to toe. 
Sounds promising, isn’t it? I will definitely let you know what I think about the products I got from the product line as soon as I finish trying them out 🙂 I’ll be doing a detailed review for each item so please watch out for that!
As for now please check out Skin White‘s site to know more about their other products! 😀 Please do drop by their Facebook Fanpage too and hit the like button for their latest updates!


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