Play Fair

College life was never easy for me, I’ve had REALLY REALLY horrible experiences with professors, there’s this one who doesn’t accept me in his classes just because I miss the first day of school, there’s the other one who always made me feel more than nervous to attend her classes, I’d rather not attend her classes than be late. Yes, that’s how much I fear her! I never told my Papa about these school problems because I know how angry he could get to these persons who doesn’t seem to play fair. 

My grandmother once told me that I should always play fair whatever situation I may be, and  if ever I get successful in life, if ever I get to hold power over something. I should always use my power to help others and not to make others’ life much harder for them. That’s one of the many things that I learned from my grandma that I will never forget. Whenever I see someone who doesn’t play fair, it makes me wonder, what did they ever feel when they see someone cry because of them? Did they feel powerful because they can make others beg them? Do they find happiness in making others feel miserable?

I’m hoping that my college life misery will be over soon, and yes I’m determined to finish it as soon as possible and prove those judgmental professors wrong. My college life may be miserable but I am blessed in different ways. I guess that’s just how God balances life? 🙂 Negative things happen to let you see things that you should be thankful of. 🙂

On a completely related note, this post is actually sitting on my drafts for a few days now because I can’t seem to think of a better title. “Skulls and Roses” has been playing on my mind but I find it too corny! Haha!

Skull prints are just too edgy for my style so I decided to add a girly touch to this outfit by pairing the tank top with the floral print shorts which I got from Romwe 🙂

The most effective way to not look like a hooker while wearing short shorts is to wear an oxford flats, it instantly make an outfit more balanced and tone down. 🙂 I am actually really happy when this oxfords from THboxes arrived in the mail. I waited almost three months for it! I don’t know what took it so long, I actually convinced myself already that it got lost in the mail. Good thing that it is not! 😀

PS. Don’t forget to play fair! 😉


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