Bellest Jewelries II

This is the second time that I’ll be doing a review for Bellast Jewelries, Have you seen my first review? 

By the way, this time I’ve decided to order this Leopard Necklace and this Bangles full of pearls and diamonds. They contradict style but they are both so classy. 😉

First is this Artificial Pearl Multi-Layered Bracelet 🙂 I have never been a fan of pearls, honestly. But since the Coachella season, pearls have been found almost everywhere. So yes, I gave in to the trend, I have learned to love pearls. I loved it more when this pretty, classy, elegant bracelet arrive in the mail! 

Can you guess how much it is worth? You may guess it is worth lots of dollars because of all the pearls and Australian Crystlat elements embellished in it. But would you believe me when I tell you that you can buy this at Bellast for only $41? You almost save 50% off when you order it from Bellast because it usually retails for $80 on other overpricing Online Shops!

Next is this Leopard Necklace. You have no idea how giggly I am when I saw this on the parcel! RAWWWR! I have always love leopard prints, and now it’s time for some really fierce leopard accessories!

This awesomely fierce necklace retails at $118 on other shops but you can get it from Bellast for only $60 🙂 I guess that’s more than enough reason for you to shop at their site!

If you have seen my first post for Bellast, you have probably seen my Leopard Bracelet. 🙂 And it’s mainly the reason why I am so giggly upon receiving the necklace. I can’t believe I already have both of them! Will probably wear these two on a pair of black bodycon dress, I can imagine it would look fierce! I’m more than excited to wear these two!
I would suggest that you head over Bellast when you want to shop jewelries, not only are their prices really low but they also offer quality items. I assure you that even though they’ve got really low prices, their product’s quality are never compromised. You will always get more than your money’s worth when you shop at Bellast 🙂
One more thing, they’re currently having this Summer Promo, just use the code summer2013” to avail 20% off. 🙂 The promo code is valid only until July 31, 2013 🙂


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