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I’ve got this these Off with those Heads blackheads Sebum Gel a month back but I only got to use this 2 weeks ago, I think? I’ve been receiving a lot of beauty products to try lately so forgive me if I’m a bit late with my reviews. You know, I made sure to try every item first before publishing a review so that I know what write and share with you is truthful. 😉

Honestly speaking, I’ve had these problems with dreaded blackheads for years now! Yes, YEARSSS! I just can’t seem to find the product that would satisfy me. I’ve tried different masks and pore strips and nothing seems to work for me not until when I got these Off with Those Heads. I am very much impressed with this product!

Pros :
  • It effectively removes blackheads and whiteheads. I have no idea how it removes them but it really does! All I have to is apply it where there blackheads and whiteheads every night.
  • It has a cooling effect. I have read in the packaging that it may stung a bit on sensitive skin but as for me, I haven’t experienced any discomforts while applying this. I actually love that cooling effect upon applying, it made me wanna apply it all the time. lol.
  • I’ve seen visible results as early as three days. Yes, 3 days. I’ve noticed that I have less blackheads in just 3 days! They’re gone completely after a week!
  • It doesn’t leave wide open pores. Lol. It really just makes those heads disappear. Don’t you hate it when you use nose strips and they leave you with HUGE pores?
  • It makes skin feel supple and smooth upon application. Oh, i love that feeling!
  • It does not dry out my skin. Yes, it actually leaves it a bit oily at first use but after few applications, my skin seems to adjust with this product and it just get moisturized every time. 
Cons :
  • I hate the smell. It leaves an unwanted smell on my hands. I can’t really describe how it smells, it’s nothing strong or something but all  know is it doesn’t smell good. But I don’t really mind this because I can just wash my hands afterwards. Hahaha!
  • It’s quite expensive. It might not be student-budget friendly. It costs around $49 for a 30ml bottle.
All in all, I love this products despite the few cons. 🙂 I just need to mention too that they’ve got a fast delivery! Mine is delivered in less than a week and it’s delivered right to my doorstep!
They’ve got such great products and great service! 🙂


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