Revlon Nail Art Review

Actually, Revlon released three Nail Art lines, Expressionist, MoonCandy and Neon. All the three lines are extraordinarily pretty and classy in their own way.

The Expressionist Collection has one matte-like nail polish on one side then a sparkly one on the other side. The brush on the matte-like nail polish is wider compared to the brush on the sparkly shade. The skinny brush allow you to draw little details on you nails, it lets you express yourself like no one ever could. 🙂

The Moon Candy Collection consists of a dark shade on one side and a glitter filled shade on the other. You basically put on the darker shade first then top it off with the glittery polish. You will end up with a design that looks like galaxy prints.

The Neon Collection has a white shade on one side that will serve as your base polish then a shocking neon color on the other that will surely add a pop of color on your nails! The Neon collection is actually my favorite among the three 🙂

Above is the photo of the shades that I got. That’s basically how they look when applied on your nails. 🙂
  1. 290 Universe
  2. 230 Satellite
  3. 260 Meteor
Two coats is enough with the MoonCandy Collection, however, you have to be careful when applying the glitter top coat because there’s a possibility that it will wipe off your base coat. It happened to me twice. 🙁 You wouldn’t wanna ruin your perfectly applied base coat because of some carelessness, right? 
    4. 360 Vincent Van Gold
    5. 320 Monet
I don’t have any problems with the Expressionist collection though I just ended up with a simple french tip. I guess I’m that bad at expressing myself? lol. 😀
    6. 110 Voltage
Okay Okay, A french tip again? Yes! But I find this one really hot and perfect for summer! We usually see designs with white french tip, why not reinvent the look and have White as the base then a pop of neon on the tip? It pleases the eyes I guess! I gotta go hoard some more from the Neon Collection!
By the way, you can find more ways on how to do some Nail Art using these Nail polish, just visit this page.

One last thing, thank you to Eman De Leon for sending these awesome Revlon Goodies! Please go and Like Make Up ala Drama Queen Manila’s Facebook Page!


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