Mirenesse Glossy Kiss Lip and Cheek Colour Review

I’ve got a lot of items to try from Mirenesse to try few weeks ago. And this coming week, I promise to publish as much as I can! Mind you, their items are to die for! You’ll surely love all of them! First on the list is this Mirenesse Glossy Kiss in Angel Kiss.
Its regular price is A$29.95 but you can get it for only A$23.96 when you are a member of their VIP club. I highly suggest that you join in the VIP club because you can really save a whole lot of moolah when you are a member! 

As you can see, its packaging looks like a jumbo crayon. I know it looks classy in black and with all the lace details at the cap but if you have them in all shades, it can be quite confusing. You have to open it one by one to see what shade is inside. lol. Did I make any sense? I hope I did ’cause that’s the only downside I can see in its packaging. 🙂

I got a shade that’s quite orange-y brown. I am actually afraid to use this kind of shade before because I thought it is only made for the elderly. You know, my grandma always wear this kind of shade! Hahaha! But all of this changed when I used this Glossy Kiss from Mirenesse. 😀

This is now one of my favorite lipstick, it is now stashed on my daily make up kit. I am amazed with its great pigmentation! One glide to my lips and I’m good to go. I know I know, lipsticks with great pigmentation means a lipstick that can be drying to the lips but this Glossy Kiss from Mirenesse is definitely an exception! When I first wore it, It lasted all day without the need to retouch and my lips also stayed moisturized the whole day! And mind you, I didn’t wear any lip balms under it. 🙂
The fact that the Glossy Kiss has wide selection of shades to choose from, I know there is something that would suite each girl’s personality. Go visit their site now and buy your own Mirenesses Glossy Kiss.

And here’s my photo wearing my Mirenesse Glossy Kiss in Angel Kiss. It doesn’t make me look old, contrary to the belief that these kinds of shades will make you look older. It actually looks so natural and it compliments my hair color perfectly! I can’t say anything bad about this product. I definitely love it and I’m giving it five stars! Definitely worth every penny. 🙂


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