“Expressions” Collection

Summer is all about having fun, trying out something new, and discovering a bit more about yourself.  As you enjoy the outdoors and bask in the sun, why not try experimenting with colors and stand out among the crowd?
Express yourself through colors this summer with Caronia expressions – an assortment of light and cool colors that you can mix and match. First off is Rosy Glow, a soft pink shade with just hint of violet for a subtly sexy naughty-or-nice appeal.  Then there’s Fresh Mint, a light green polish that makes you look refreshingly cool and sporty. And lastly, there’s Blue Chill in a pale blue shade for that mysterious yet classy look.


  • Blue Chill
  • Rosy Glow
  • Fresh Mint


“We believe that we can use colors to express our moods and personalities. It’s not always about what’s good for your skin tone, or if it matches your outfit for the day. Sometimes, it’s also fun to step out of your comfort zone once in a while and try a new shade on. You just might be surprised how well it suits you,” says Olive Bolico, Caronia Brand Manager.
So go ahead and express yourself in colors this season.  Try a combination of baby blues and pinks with Caronia Blue Chill + Caronia Rosy Glow.  Or go for an outdoorsy feel with a green and blue combo using Caronia Fresh Mint + Caronia Blue Chill. If you feel brave enough, try all three different colors (or more) and wear them proud!


  • Cuticle Remover – It softens and helps remove overgrown cuticles for a gentle manicure experience. Its white formulation does not leave stains.
  • Cuticle Sanitizer – Cleans, disinfects and sanitizes nails while it keeps cuticles healthy looking.
  • Nail Polish Remover – Removes nail polish fast without drying nails and cuticles. This acetone-based formulation is fortified with moisturizing ingredients to prevent drying and discoloration.
For more selections of Caronia Nail Polish shades, visit their website at www.caronia.com.ph You may also follow them on Facebook at www.facebook.com/CaroniaPhilippines and on Twitter at www.twitter.com/CaroniaPH for nail care tips, product updates, fashion tips, plus a chance to win prizes in their contests and promos.


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