Beauty Republic Dramatic BB Tinted Cream Review

BB Creams also known as Blemish Balm Cream was invented 50 years ago in Germany. It was originally intended to be used on plastic surgery patients to help reduce their blemishes.

If it’s intended for plastic surgery patients, how does it make its way on make up counters? Well, it’s rage started when Korean actresses started using them and flaunting them. Who wouldn’t want to try something that is being used by the koreans? They are well known and have always been envied by most girls because of their blemish-free skin!

  •  This BB Cream only costs 650php. 
  • Buy One, Get One at HALF OFF (2 BB Creams for P975) – this is great for sharing with a friend or buying a backup
  • Wholesale BB Cream (30% off the retail price)

And as I have featured in this post, I recently got my first ever BB Cream to indulge to from CarmenClaire Cosmetics. I have mentioned before that I truly love this and that I’ll use every last bit of it. I’m sticking to what I’ve said because I still love it till now. I’ve been using it everyday and I haven’t seen any downside yet. 😉 I’m pretty much contented with this Beauty Republic Dramatic Tinted Cream.

It comes out from the tube as a pure white cream but it blends well on skin as you gently rub it on. You must take care not to take much product out of the tube since a very little amount comes a really long way. 🙂
  • SPF37 – Keeps you protected with the harsh rays of Sun. 
  • Moisturizes my skin really well.
  • It blends really well.
  • It hides my blemishes.
  • Convenient. I no longer need to wear moisturizes under it and I don’t need a powder to set it. That’s two steps slashed of my beauty routine!
  • It is long wearing, it’s perfect for the weather in the Philippines and it will work well on other Tropical countries, I guess?
  • A little product comes a long way.
  • Affordable. It’s only 650php for a 30gram tube that could last you a month or two? I have been using it everyday for a month now and there’s still a lot left on my tube.
  • The only downside is it tends to feel sticky upon applying to my face but you won’t feel any stickyness when it’s set. 

I am wearing the Beauty Republic BB Tinted Cream on the photo above. No edits. It really gives a flawless finish 🙂

By the way, since Multiply is upgrading their system, you better visit and place orders on their Facebook Page rather than their Multiply Site 🙂

They will be more active on Instagram soo so be sure to follow them @CarmenClaireCo 🙂


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