Lace, Florals, and Cutouts

Lace, Florals, and Cutouts. I guess you already know where my Post title came from? The dress from Romwe shall do the talking for me. LOL. Kidding aside, but it actually explains it very well, right?

I bought this dress right away when I saw it. You know how fast items goes sold out at Romwe so when you see an item that you like at their shop, I suggest that you buy it right away. You better buy it now than be sorry forever because they rarely restock items that is already sold out.
Okay Okay, I’ll admit it now. I’am a giant 🙁 Haha! NO, seriously I only stand 5″ tall. Or should I say 5″ short? Oh well, perks of being an Asian!! I’m proud to be one. 🙂
I decided to dress plain and simple with this one. What do you think? Yay or Nay? I was overwhelmed with the dress that I don’t feel the need to accessorize much. I just wore my pumps from Ahaishopping and Voila! I’m done. Did I make the right decision of not accessorizing much? Let me know!


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