This outfit reminds me so much of Flairies, which explain the post title. Have you ever heard of the flaires? I sure know them a lot because my little sister watch the movie about them almost everyday. Yes! That’s how my cute little sister roll. Haha! It’s a movie of Barbie, which they met these little flairies. Flairies are all so sparkly, just like my outfit! haha!

Flairies are believed to add flair and sparkle in everything that they find fashionable. They can’t add flair and sparkle unless they find the clothes fashionable. 😉

Black, white and Gold ensembles. Oh. At least I added white details this time? I can’t get enough of gold and black. Can you blame me?

The ink splattered designed skirt from Romwe looks to playful so I decided to pair it with my white shirt which I got from Romwe too so the outfit won’t look overdone 🙂

And I know it is the perfect time to take out my pretty necklace from ShopThisEasy. It matches my outfit really well!

And because I’m feeling like a Flairy, I decided to add some more sparkle by wearing my Gold Pumps from Overlabeled 🙂

What do you think of this outfit? Yay or Nay? Let me hear your thoughts! 😉


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