Let’s get Glam!

I really love how an iPhone case can actually add an “omph” to an outfit. 🙂 I believe that it’s important to let your phone wear a case that will match your outfit for it has been considered as a fashion accessory this year. A phone case can actually make or break an outfit 😉

I have been obsessed with the mint color for the past months, and Aztec has been a wild trend too. So yes, this case is just perfect! Mint + Aztec is definitely a perfect combination. Agree?

While the Aztec case is more on the casual side, this Floral case is perfect for night outs. Notice those glitters? I think this will go along with your little black dress pretty well. 😛 Talk about party lights! I also love how intricate its design is, more than classy! 😉

The cute little pluggies above comes with the floral case. My favorite is the rose one, it’s pink and pretty. 
If you want these cases and pluggies, go visit Let’s Get Glam PH‘s Facebook Fanpage and give them a like. They’ve got lots of designs that you’ll surely love 🙂 They also sell cases at a very affordable price. You might wanna do your little Christmas Shopping in their shop. Phone cases are perfect Christmas gifts too 🙂


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