So me!

I recently got this package from I love Stuff Shop, and what can I say? These cases are just so me! They are so pretty, I know you totally agree with me! 🙂 I wanna use them all right away but I’m having second thoughts in using them. Feels like I need to preserve their beauty. Haha! I know I’m weird sometimes. lol.

Meet my first Hello Kitty Case! Oh my, I have to admit it now, I can never outgrow my love for Hello Kitty. I remember my elementary days when I would spend almost all of my allowance in buying different Hello Kitty stuff! But can you blame me? She’s so adorable! =)

Now tell me, who wouldn’t get attracted to those cute little eyes and little whiskers? Who? Well, not me! Haha! 😛 And that purple bow is way too adorable too! 🙂

This Marc Jacobs zebra-printed case brought me back to my freshmen days. I remember my first year in college when I’m too obsessed with zebra prints. 🙂 I even have tops, shoes, and bags with zebra prints. There’s something in zebra-prints that made me go gaga over it, it’s simple yet fashionable. 🙂

and M is for Marc Jacobs 🙂 Classy!

Linen cases! This reminds me of Victoria’s Secret Angels. 🙂 And since the Victoria’s Secret fashion show was held recently, I decided to get this case too. It’s so cute and girly 🙂
Now, let me ask you, can you blame me for having seconds thought in using these adorable cases? Can you blame me for wanting to preserve their beauty? Haha! Anyways, please visit I love Stuff shop for more fashionable cases! You may reach them through Facebook or Instagram 🙂


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