Playing Around

I am absolutely loving my Jumpsuit from Coco Fashion. I am really into Jumpsuit because it can make you look fashionable effortlessly 🙂

I really like the fabric used in this jumpsuit, the top is sheer and the shorts are some sort of cotton. It’s really comfortable to wear, it lets me move freely. <3 And the top gives a touch of maturity, don’t you think?

You may have wondered where I got the title of this post, I was playing around with this cute little baby the whole time, hence the title. 😀 I know she needs a haircut, haha! But even with those messy fur, I still find her really cute <3

I told you, the jumpsuit is really comfortable, I can move freely and sit on the grass all I want :p 

I know this is a fashion blog. Haha! I just wanna let you show the bubbly side of me. Being a fashion blogger doesn’t mean that there’s no room for such silly faces, right? 🙂

My bangles set from wholesale-dress. I got it for less than $2 I think? It’s really cheap but the quality isn’t compromised. There’s a lot of fashionable yet really affordable items on wholesale-dress! I’m inlooove with the shoe-section on their shop! Go check them out!

Got my pink wallet from Shy shop! The moment I got this, I transferred the contents of my everyday wallet right away. It has a zippered pocket for coins, it has slots for your cards, and a spacious place for your bills. And I love the fact that it’s pink! So cute!

I decided to wear my Vivienne Westwood inspired jelly wedges from The Luxurious shop. Remember the last time I wore it when I was feeling like a Luxurious doll? 🙂 
Want can you say about this ensemble? Comments are greatly appreciated! 🙂
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