Girl on-the-go

My mom told me this morning that there are some places we need to be at, I was still sleeping then. And being the girl on-the-go that I am, I just grabbed few pieces from my closet and put it on, wishing that my sleepiness won’t cloud up my fashion sense. I put on mostly black pieces and my pink top from On the Dot online shop to inject life and color to my outfit 😀

Upon looking at my outfit shots, it made me realize how fat I’ve gotten.I really need to head to the gym more often and stop myself from eating too much (fat girls problem). Btw, if you’re reading my blog for quite a long time now, you’ll probably recognize my most abused pair of shorts from Romwe. Haha!

Studded bag from Romwe. It’s my favorite bag at the moment, actually. It’s big enough to hold my kikay stuff and my huge camera. And it’s way too gorgeous too, it can easily be paired with any outfit 🙂 Worth buying!

My shorts, bag, and loafers looks soo good together. I really believe that they are made for each other. Haha! However, my outfit will be too dull if I didn’t use my top from On the Dot Online Shop. I owe it a lot for giving life to my too dull outfit. 🙂

Spiked Loafers from Romwe. Lesson learned, I should never wear shorts when I want to use this loafers. Haha! 
All for now lovelies, what do you think of this outfit? Feel free to leave some comments! 🙂


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