I won’t deny the fact that an Iphone is already fashionable itself but dressing it up will make it look much better! Let me call it fashion for Iphone 🙂 Most of us bring our phone whenever we go, it’s like a necessity and dressing it up will make it an accessory. 😀

And here’s my current favorite Iphone cases from the shop called MellaFina. I wanna call this Etsy store Studded cases heaven“! A store with lots of pretty and fashionable cases with a very nice and accommodating seller! 🙂

I have been obsessing on this studded floral case lately. I’m currently using it as my phone case and it gets prettier every time I take a look at it. Who wouldn’t feel in love with this sweet yet edgy case? So unique!

See the antique bronze pyramid studs? It compliments the floral prints perfectly. So vintage-y! And another thing I love about this case is it’s floral prints are matte. It means the prints won’t peel off easily and it feels great on my hands. The matte texture makes me hold my  phone every time. Can’t take it off my hands. Haha!

The second case I got is this Studded Leopard case. RAWR! It’s my first choice actually, it’s looks hot and edgy! I looove it a lot!

This leopard case is made of some sort of leather that’s so soft to touch. You won’t even think that this edgy case has a soft side. Right? Such a surprise that it’s covered with leather 😀

Another look at my leopard case. Sorry for the photo spam. I’m just so inlove with my cases from MellaFina. But can you blame me? Who could even resist the beauty of these cases? They are a must have!
Want these cases? Get them here!


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