Yummy Buddy!

Who’s looking for a Yummy Buddy? Don’t get me wrong, I mean a yummy buddy that will help you in keeping your lips moisturized. 😉 
Yummy Buddy is made of food grade natural ingredients so I’m pretty sure that my lips are safe when I’m using it. I also love the fact that it’s a chocolate lip balm (sucker for chocolates).

Yay for my Yummy Buddies! They all smell really yummy. :p

  • Divine Seduction – it smells a lot like vanilla. If you love the smell of Vanilla, this one’s perfect for you. 🙂
  • Cool Kisser – It smells like Peppermint and I love it! This one’s my new favorite ’cause it gives a soothing cooling effect on the lips. This will absolutely make anyone a cool kisser, literally!
  • Sweet Revenge – This lip balm is caramel flavored. It smells a lot like caramel which made me crave for caramel candies! It smells so yummy! 😉

These Lip Balms are not just yummy. They are all so effective actually. I love how these lip balms keep my lips moisturized in a yummy way! They are really a must-have, gotta say byebye dry and chapped lips!
Hello moisturized lips! Thanks to my Yummy Buddy! 😉


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